Friday, October 14, 2016

Coming Down

I was downtown one day in September, and there was an event going on above what's usually a parking lot. I noticed this mural nearby.

The event was a rappel down the side of an office building, as a benefit for Easter Seals. Had I known about it in advance, I wouldn't have minded having a go at it.

Some people were in costume, as you can see in these two shots, with a Catwoman theme in the second shot.

Up above, two people were descending.


  1. I certainly would not wish to be any of those people descending that building!!! Yikes! :)

  2. Love the cloud reflections on the buildings.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. That's a very grand looking building. Almost art deco meets Gotham City. Love the mural too.

  4. I could go for that as well though I'm not sure my wife would agree

  5. That job they hold is dangerous, of course.


  6. I have to admire those who do these adventurous things! Doing it for charity is even better.

  7. @Linda: I would have enjoyed it.

    @Parsnip: it is a good reflective surface.

    @Debs: I would not have thought of it that way.

    @Bill: it would be a blast.

    @Tomas: and it's not even a job.

    @Betty: yes, that is true.

    @Tex: it is indeed.

  8. I love the second picture where the poster actually says Ottawa.


  9. A great idea to raise funds for the Easter Seals. I don't think I would try this but it's tempting. I love the reflections in the building. Great images William and have a nice weekend!

  10. Oh no never doing this 😀 Reminded me of Aimee's abseiling adventure earlier in the year William. Well done to these brave souls raising money for a good cause.

  11. Omigod! You would have done that? Sheesh. I don't like anything higher than 2 feet. Not sure I would have even watched this...but I do like your photos! Yikes!

  12. @Jenn: quite a way down!

    @Janis: thanks! I figured it was a good idea to photograph it.

    @Bill: thank you!

    @Grace: I would have definitely enjoyed the descent.

    @Lowell: in a heartbeat, yes, I'd have done it!

    @Norma: it does!

  13. Neat reflections, and I like that mural!

  14. Oh gosh, that rappeling down looks scary! Maybe I would try when I was much younger, but now...I prefer that someone else does :-)

  15. You actually would have tried this??? You are way braver than I am.

  16. Oh my! That would be quite a thing to see but I definitely wouldn't want to participate in it. I think you should sign up for next year. :)

  17. No way that I would have done it!

  18. @Marleen: I just wonder how long the mural's been there!

    @Marianne: I would enjoy it.

    @Tamago: I liked watching.

    @Sharon: it's a bit different from mountain climbing, but employs some of the same principles.

    @Pamela: I should!

    @RedPat: the people I saw come down seemed exhilirated.

  19. What a happy happenstance, William. Next year?

  20. Well, whatever! Good practice, I guess. :-)

  21. Not in your dreams. If you want to pull out a superhero costume and go, more power to you!

  22. Looks like a fun and very worthy event. Love your photographs of the people rappelling down the building, great reflections and I love that first shot of the mural.

  23. I love the mural. I don't think I'd go down the side of the building though!

  24. somehow or other I missed this great post.

  25. Nice mural.
    But I would not dare to go down..

  26. i might watch, not sure i could go by myself? ( ;

  27. @Cloudia: we'll have to see, maybe next year!

    @Revrunner: I'd love to do it.

    @Kay: it would be fun.

    @Mari: and women!

    @Denise: thank you!

    @Linda: I'd get a kick out of it.

    @Tammie: thanks!

    @Red: that happens.

    @Orvokki: thanks!

    @Jack: I'd enjoy it.

    @Beth: I would!