Sunday, November 13, 2016

An Arboretum

As you can see, it was late in the day when I was walking through the Arboretum. I've long since lost track of how many times I've come through here- it's a good walking route between Little Italy and Carleton University. Good views of Dow's Lake can be seen from the lower ground and the heights. 

During warm weather, it's typical on a Saturday to find wedding parties here having photos done. On this particular day, this installation was found. I'm not sure what it was all about.

This is one of the only buildings on the Arboretum grounds, a building that houses facilities for Agriculture Canada. As mentioned yesterday, these grounds are part of the Experimental Farm. The Arboretum is open to the public through the day, and does tend to have very good fall colours and viewpoints. 


  1. Beautiful and colourful view from you walk through the Arboretum. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. That was a very nice walk William. The colours are still gorgeous.

  3. Um passeio que lhe oportunizou fotografar paisagens belíssimas com cores fortes e brilhantes
    Um ótimo domingo pra você
    Um abraço

  4. A strange find in the park that couch.

  5. I'm guessing the sofa scenario is a serious nod to autumn William, still so much wonderful colour here.

  6. a couch made from hay bales... hmmm...

  7. Sharing these nice images from a sane country

  8. I would walk through the area over and over again...such great natural beauty. I don't quite get the "couch," but appears to have to do with fall or Halloween.

  9. Seems to be a wonderful area, William, I would like to see it again with some more light, although the colours in some of trees are wonderful now.

  10. @Nancy: thanks!

    @Bill: they were beautiful this year.

    @Gracita: thank you.

    @Marianne: very odd.

    @Grace: I wondered who did it.

    @Tex: you'd have to wear jeans to sit on it.

    @Cloudia: in comparison, but we've been there.

    @Lowell: it was a curious installation.

    @Jan: I'll have to photograph here at other times.

  11. Arboretums have a huge variety of trees and it can keep me occupied for hours. You show just enough to get my interest.

  12. That installation is very interesting. I wonder what it was supposed to be.

  13. It appears many others have parked their cars to take advantage of the grounds.

  14. That is one unique couch :-)
    Love the contrast between light and shadow in your photos!

  15. A nice place for a pleasant stroll!

  16. @Red: it's a marvelous place for a ramble about.

    @Sharon: I was strangely reminded of a cover from a Cranberries album. They featured a couch in the first two or three albums.

    @Marleen: yes, very odd!

    @Linda: it's a great place for that.

    @Catalyst: it is a popular place on a sunny afternoon.

    @Tamago: and the shadows were quite deep by that point in the day.

    @RedPat: yes, it certainly is.

  17. Love that sofa! Probably would make me sneeze. But cool, nonetheless. :-)

  18. Perhaps the sofa and decorations were an art statement of some kind. It's as understandable as most of them.

  19. i wonder how comfortable it would be? wonder about it when it would or might rain? snow? ( ;

  20. It's nice to see autumn peaking out of the dusk. I'm not surprised you walk here frequently. What a treat.

  21. Beautiful scenes and great photos of them.

  22. @Revrunner: it could have that effect!

    @Eve: I do!

    @Mari: I didn't go back up that way recently. I wonder if they were up there around the Thanksgiving weekend.

    @Beth: in which case it would get wet!

    @Kay: not as frequently as down in the lower area of the park. The high ground here is more rare for me to visit.

    @Karl: that it is.

    @Norma: thanks!

    @Pat: thank you.

    @Jennifer: definitely!