Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Footsteps Of History

The War Museum's Second World War area moves into the Italian campaign, and this reproduction of the original painting is displayed on one of the walls. William Ogilvie painted Mountain Stronghold, Hill 736, which depicts Canadian soldiers during the push through Sicily.

This uniform display is one for the Devil's Brigade, the special operations force consisting of American and Canadian soldiers who fought in the European theatre through the war.

This was used by the Germans during the campaign, a StuG III.

Moving on takes us into the D-Day campaign, with two models of Canadian ships that took part on that day, the destroyer H.M.C.S. Athabaskan and the minesweeper H.M.C.S. Caraquet.

The Normandy campaign is extensive here, with panels and equipment on hand.

Among the D-Day section is the terrace that looks out onto Lebreton Gallery below, which we'll see more of later on.

This panel about the Great Escape caught my eye as I went on through the Second World War area, as did the Jeep.

This portion of the museum ends with the end of the war, in both theatres of war. That includes the liberation of the Netherlands, done largely by Canadian troops. The exhibits here include a pen used during the surrender by the German command.


  1. It's fascinating to see the weapons and vision from WWII, I continue to hope every day that there won't be another one. Already the wars going on in different places around the world show that as far as weapons and outcome go it would be a whole different ballgame!

  2. It is an impressive museum with all the items.

  3. Some interesting history there. I remember reading the book about the Great Escape. The movie with all the big name actors was also good. It was and still is an incredible story.

  4. History is part of our life.


  5. Reading this thinking of how Fidel Castro is now gone. Cuba has a war museum to the Bay of Pigs invasion. So interesting how each country has its own perspective on history.


  6. As an historian WWII was my major interest. I'd love to see this museum.

  7. I was a young child during WWII and remember bits and pieces if it. Museums help with the memories.

  8. It is interesting to see these photos of the war museum and is place we'd enjoy touring. Thanks for sharing.

  9. @Grace: it would.

    @Marianne: it is.

    @Bill: it was an extraordinary part of the war.

    @Tomas: yes it is.

    @Janis: Castro's gone?

    @Lowell: you'd enjoy it.

    @Red: they do.

    @Pamela: you're welcome.

  10. What a great museum, William! Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. Tanks and jeeps and airplanes, that must be one very large museum.

  12. Great toour of the museum, that tank took a beating but there are some great exibits there. My old next door neighbour was in the landings at Salerno

  13. Quite an extensive collection, William!

  14. cool ships. makes me wanna play Battleship. i have not played that game i years. now where can i find it? i will google it. ha. ha!! have a nice weekend! ( ;

  15. Recognized the Voodoo jet immediately. :-)

  16. @Linda: you're welcome.

    @Sharon: it is!

    @Bill: there is one tank in here that was recovered from the waters years after falling through ice, I think in Eastern Europe. That one really looks like it took a beating.

    @RedPat: it is.

    @Beth: I haven't played that in years.

    @Revrunner: they had to install that jet before the museum was finished.

  17. Terrific museum and a great tour, William.

  18. My father was at D Day. He never talked about it. All these displays hint at some of the reasons why.

  19. Such interesting exhibits. I'd love to visit there myself!

  20. Thanks for the tour in this interesting museum, William.
    The Canadians are still remembered a lot here in the Netherlands.

  21. This is an amazing museum.

    I just found out the Netherlands has a consulate here in St. Louis....

  22. @Mari: that it is.

    @Catalyst: thank you!

    @Kay: I can see that.

    @Tamago: I enjoy my visits.

    @Jan: you're welcome.

    @Jennifer: it is quite a museum to take in.

    @Norma: that doesn't surprise me.