Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Seasonal Wonder Upon Centre Block

Aside from the Christmas lights, there has been for some years now a projection show on Parliament Hill over the Christmas period, from early December on. This seems to be an off shoot of a light show that is held in summer and projected onto Centre Block. The show starts at five thirty and runs through to eleven in the evenings, with images projected onto the stone in a light show lasting just under fifteen minutes. Winter dominates the presentation, with animals like a bear or wolf sharing the stone surface with grandfather clocks, trains, buildings, snowmen, the stars, and more, all accompanied by music. Note the fact that the familiar clock of the Peace Tower is darkened through much of it, becoming instead a crescent moon most of the time. This year the evening shows ended on Christmas night- I believe there's something going on here on New Year's Eve as a way to ring in our 150th anniversary, and crews need a few days to get that ready. While I didn't get a video of this year's performance, I did photograph extensively- more than fifty shots over the time of this one showing. I will have to take in the summer show, something I've never done.


  1. Beautiful, William! I love the effects! :)

  2. Ah, light shows ! So unreal real, wonderful !

  3. now that is cool. i love the snowman. what a great idea. way way cool!! whom (or is it who, any who??! LOL!!) ever made the decision to do this, what a creative person, awesome idea!! they need to do it other places. way smart!!! ( :

  4. They used the tower very well to emphasize the light show.

  5. @Whisk: I agree.

    @Linda: so do I.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Marleen: it is, yes.

    @Karl: I enjoyed this one.

    @Beth: it's a very good idea. The summer show goes back a good deal further, but has less time- I think they only run it between 9:30 and 11 at night because of the much later sunset.

    @Red: whoever designs the presentation really knows what they're doing.

  6. Well shot!
    I must realize I'll never get down there in December. I always get bronchitis!!!

  7. Wow, such great photos! Their projection show is amazing. I'd like you to go to summer show as well and share photos with us :-)

  8. Past my bedtime. Better to see it in pictures. :-)

  9. @Jennifer: that seems to happen in December!

    @Tamago: I intend to.

    @RedPat: definitely!

    @Bill: it was fun to see.

    @Revrunner: fortunately one doesn't have to stay for the whole six hours!

  10. Light shows are special
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
    Happy New Year!

  11. This is really spectacular. Nice shots! What an artful presentation. I'd bet the summer show is well worth attending, too.

  12. Thanks for showing us the light show. I am sometimes dazzled by the skills of lighting engineers.

  13. @Mari: it is.

    @Lea: thanks!

    @Kay: I hope the summer and winter shows will remain playing even with the work soon to get underway. We'll see this summer.

    @Jack: they do great work!

    @Cloudia: that it is.

    @Jan: it is, yes.

    @Orvokki: definitely.