Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Last Flock

A reminder to members of City Daily Photo that the theme day for January is your best or favourite photos of the year, so start thinking of which of your photos stands out most for you over the last twelve months.

I was passing through Major's Hill Park, with its views of the Chateau Laurier and Parliament Hill, one day late in November. I noticed this flock of Canada Geese among the snow. The geese that are here during the summer are long gone; this flock must have stopped in for a break, having had come from some place further north, before carrying on.


  1. Oh wow. That 3rd shot looks like it could be in a scary movie. Love it.

  2. Já se faz sentir o frio de Inverno.
    Um abraço e continuação de boa semana.

  3. Birds are getting confused by the strange weather conditions nowadays I think. They leave too late before the snow arrives.

  4. beautiful photos, i especially love the 3rd photo! i hope the sweet little geese have made it to someplace warmer...skip virginia geese, it's freezing here too!

  5. They should head over my way William, nice and warm here ��

  6. Once Canada geese arrive in Greensboro, NC, they stay. They are no longer migratory. If you need a flock or two or 1,000, let us know.

    Thanks for reminding us about January.


  7. @Whisk: thanks.

    @Linda: indeed.

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Marianne: I must agree.

    @Tanya: I have seen them winter over in southern Ontario.

    @Grace: that would be quite a trip.

    @Janis: you're welcome.

  8. They stopped to see the chateau before heading further south.

  9. That is a lot of geese (and a lot of geese droppings I'm sure)!

  10. gorgeous architecture. love all the lasting bits of snow. ( :

  11. The snow makes the place look cold; I'd guess these geese are heading our way. We actually get quite a few Canadian geese here in Ocala.

  12. What a beautiful sight seeing all those geese.

  13. I always love the sight of geese.

  14. Wow, that is a lot of geese! We see them around here from time to time, too.
    Love these pictures, especially the 3rd one is my favorite :-)

  15. Curious that the geese let you get so close.

  16. Looks nice.
    YOU got winter before us here out on the south west coast of Norway.
    Keep warm and enjoy the season!

  17. I always love seeing the geese!

  18. I saw a large flock heading south yesterday. I was wishing I was with them!

  19. @Sharon: always a good idea to stop and see it!

    @Cloudia: I found it that way.

    @Lois: I was careful where I stepped!

    @Beth: this was actually in between snowfalls. We lost most of what we got on the 20th of November, but it's been snowing regularly ever since, including today. And we're in for more by the weekend.

    @Lowell: they do tend to scatter south as quick as the cold comes.

    @Bill: I was pleased and surprised.

    @Marleen: me too.

    @Tamago: I do like them.

    @Catalyst: it's a matter of giving them space and reading their body language. They were certainly aware of me, but once they decided I wasn't going to be a bother, they were fine in letting me take pics.

    @Gunn: it's definitely winter today!

    @Norma: I don't think I'll see another one before April.

    @RedPat: especially with the weather your area is now getting!

  20. Those geese are a lot bigger than I imagined William, it's a wonder how they get airborne - and it's certainly looking a-lot-like-Christmas in your corner of the world

  21. We have a lot of Canada Geese overhere, during summer as well as during winter.

  22. Some migrate through Western Washington, but some Snow Geese have made it their permanent Home.

  23. Though we have a flock of tundra swans here I haven't seen Canada geese for a while.

  24. Yes, William. They come down here for winter. (: We almost always have geese. However, I think the snow and minus temps may have sent them a bit further south this winter.

  25. They may be waiting till it warms up in Virginia. It was below freezing yesterday and today but will be warmer tomorrow, so tell them to come on down!

  26. @Dianne: they are big, but I've always seen them lift off with ease.

    @Jan: the ones we have here in summer have been gone for weeks, but you see a lot of them stopping in during migration periods.

    @Revrunner: they can be problematic, I know.

    @Mari: I know some of these do winter over in Ontario when they can find water that stays open.

    @Kay: and we have no such tundra swans.

    @Lorelei: this winter's more like a proper winter than last year was.

    @Linda: they'll be glad to be far from here if they saw the present conditions.