Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Confederation Square And The Hill

This Santa sculpture can be found at the moment down on Sparks Street.

A short walk away is Confederation Square, which is centered upon the National War Memorial. The blue and green lights stood out well with the Memorial, Parliament Hill, and the Chateau Laurier in the background.

On the Hill itself, Christmas lights can be found, along with an art installation of prisms you could spin around at your leisure to get the light moving. The reason Centre Block was all lit up like that will be forthcoming in tomorrow's post.


  1. There is something so enchanting about blue lights in a winter landscape.

  2. Those blue lights look very special.

  3. Thet really do their best in Ottawa!

  4. i love all those blue lights! i bet that cute santa is very popular!

  5. Love those final lights taunting the winter darkness, William. So you are like a Member of Parliament, or sergeant at arms or something in the govt?

  6. You are getting one last look at the lights. Probably a day or two after Jan 1 they will be taken down.

  7. @ODP: there is!

    @Karl: I thought so.

    @Marleen: they do indeed.

    @Marianne: there are a lot of decorations out.

    @Sharon: very much so, yes.

    @Tanya: he's very good for photo ops.

    @Cloudia: I'm not disreputable enough for politics!

    @Linda: I agree!

    @Jan: so do I.

    @Red: I think they stay lit up until the 7th of January, and that's it. The light show on the Hill itself that I'll be showing tomorrow ended on Christmas night- I believe there's something going on there on New Year's Eve that crews need a few days to get prepped, hence the early end. Oh well, while I didn't get the video, at least I got photos. I have to finish setting the post up today!

  8. Santa is taking a rest under the Christmas tree. Beautiful lights!

  9. I love all the blue. Usually I don't but this year, I'm digging the blue.

  10. @Jennifer: thanks!

    @Catalyst: indeed.

    @Nancy: yes, he is.

    @Beth: thanks!

    @Whisk: for whatever reason, the blue shows up better on my camera than other colours.

    @Norma: thank you!

  11. Maybe you saw my shot of Prismatica as it was showing here in Georgetown.

  12. What a wonderful display of lights.

  13. Loved those blue and green lights. I can't wait for tomorrow's Post.

  14. You've found a lot of striking night color. The prisms look really interesting. What a great way to interact with color.

  15. Awesome lights! Love the second photo especially.

  16. This light show looks fantastic.

  17. @Revrunner: possibly.

    @Bill: it is!

    @Mari: thanks!

    @Kay: it is, yes.

    @Linda: thanks!

    @Orvokki: I agree!