Saturday, December 24, 2016

Noel In The Great Hall

Early this month I went across to Gatineau and the Canadian Museum of History, formerly titled the Museum of Civilization. The curatorial and exhibit halls, designed by Douglas Cardinal, nicely frame the Parliament Buildings across the river. The long Prairie grasses planted here in the plaza look quite different in early December light.

There was a Christmas artisan sale that weekend down in the Great Hall, with craftspeople and bakers selling their goods. An unusual setting, among totem poles and this beautiful space, but a good spot to be in. And it was very busy. The lights, subdued in daytime, can be glimpsed here and there, changing colours, and appropriate for Christmas time.

I paused to take in Dene artist Alex Janvier's amazing mural Morning Star high overhead, as well as the plaster version of Haida sculptor Bill Reid's Spirit Of Haida Gwaii.

Before leaving, I took in the Christmas tree near the museum entrance.


  1. Thanks for sharing the artwork. Have a lovely Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas to you & love ones, William!

  3. Did you also find any wonderful gifts for yourself or others? These markets are such fun places to shop for a non-retail gift. Wishing yiu a very Merry Christmas, William, and a Happy New Year.

  4. A nice place to look around for some gifts.

  5. love all the different styles of art, the Christmas tree. so cool. i am guessing those were chess or checker boards? neat-O!! ( ;

  6. The architecture of those two buildings in the first shot are is stunning. But the market really appeals to me; to be able to see all the arts and crafts, that wonderful ceiling, the sculpture and the beautiful tree. What a treat!

  7. @Linda: thank you!

    @Nancy: thanks.

    @Beatrice: I did buy baked goods, but largely came for the photo op.

    @Marianne: definitely!

    @Beth: both chess and checkers. The bottom one would be something else.

  8. Such a spectacular space! We loved that exhibit when we visited in Sept. Merry Christmas William.

  9. Great artwork, William, and I love the Christmas tree in your last photo! Merry Christmas. :)

  10. They had some amazing stuff for sale on that show. You would have your chance to buy the best.

  11. Wonderful art and it's nice to see the sun shining!

  12. I love your first photo, it's a wonderful shot of those buildings. You've showed that mural before, but it's worth looking at it again.
    Merry Christmas, William.

  13. Great pictures! It looks fun to check around the arts and crafts there.
    And I always enjoy seeing the mural Morning Star :-)

  14. @Lowell: this place is a favourite for me to visit.

    @Furry Gnome: I'm planning on going back between Christmas and New Year's... there's a temporary exhibit coming to an end soon that I want to see again.

    @Linda: thank you!

    @Red: it's quite a thing to have seen.

    @Sharon: if I had to pick a single favourite work of art in the national capital region, that mural would be it.

    @Catalyst: a rare sunny day for us!

    @Jan: it certainly is worth looking at.

    @Tamago: the artist is still around- he's having a retrospective exhibit of his work right now at the National Gallery.

    @Eve: thanks!

  15. I've heard that this is a good art show!

  16. What a grand place to admire the craft people's art. The first photo is fantastic.

  17. The other items for sale must have been hard to resist!

  18. What a great place to do some holiday shopping! This is one spot I'd love to visit if I ever get to Ottawa.

  19. Merry Christmas, William. What a great collection of art.


  20. What a pleasure to stroll this wonderful, very Canadian building with you William Thanks. Wishing you lovely Holidays

  21. it looks like a space ship ... neat design. ( ;
    love the tree.

  22. What a beautiful Christmas tree!

  23. @RedPat: I found it so.

    @Bill: thank you.

    @Marleen: so do I.

    @Stuart: thanks!

    @Revrunner: it is.

    @Mari: quite true!

  24. @Kay: it is a wonderful museum.

    @Janis: I agree!

    @Cloudia: thanks!

    @Beth: I do too.

    @Norma: I agree.

    @Jennifer: it is!