Friday, December 30, 2016

The National Arts Centre On A Winter Day

I have some Christmas images left for you today (with the odd bit of decor appearing here or there in coming days). This is the National Arts Centre at night, coming over the Canal via the Mackenzie King Bridge, with Christmas lights in the trees and on the walls. These were taken on an evening before Christmas.

I took these shots some days ago, on the 27th.  It was a grey day (ironically the following day had the bright sunny weather I'd wanted). I've been periodically following the progress of the NAC's current project in adding on a glass enclosure around part of the building, due to be finished in time for Canada Day. You can find the last post here.

This first view, from Plaza Bridge, takes in the site surrounded by snow. We'd had freezing rain the previous night, adding a slick coat to pretty much everything. The second shot, closer up, features the statue of military officer and politician Andrew Hamilton Gault, founder of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Regiment, in the foreground. And the third shot is where I was going to go- down towards the Canal to take shots from that perspective. The sight of that pathway, glazed with ice, changed my mind, particularly since the day before I'd taken a fall and hurt my hand.

These views take in the NAC from the point of view of the National War Memorial, where a Christmas wreath had been placed on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. These shots give you some perspective on how close the two places are to each other. The War Memorial is maintained through winter by crews who keep paths cleared of snow so that anyone, even in wheelchairs, can pay a visit. One of the crews was here while I was on site.


  1. It is the time of year the weather can change in a minute. The gray is very dramatic, punctuated with a bit of color.


  2. Passei para desejar ao meu amigo umas Boas Festas e um Óptimo Ano de 2017 cheio de amor, paz e saúde.
    Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa

  3. It looks very cold! Nice to see all the lights.
    Hope your hand is ok.

  4. love the snowflake projection...also the memorial at the end with the wreath...looks so much more somber in the snow...happy new year william!

  5. Gosh you must long for Spring William, though it is beautiful in an austere way

  6. You did have ice! It's best to stay in when it's that icy.

  7. @Whisk: I did as well!

    @Janis: yes, weather can be swiftly changing these days.

    @Francisco: thank you!

    @Marleen: it's getting better.

    @Beth: they're good projections for that surface.

    @Tanya: I found that Christmas wreath to be quite poignant.

    @Cloudia: Oh, I love winter, just not freezing rain. I imagine the crews had this past week off, but I'm sure they'll be glad to have the glass in place sometime soon so that they're completely out of the elements for the winter.

    @Red: I definitely do not like walking on ice coated surfaces.

  8. You found some splashes of color on a grey day!

  9. Nice to see the snow in Ottawa. it doesn't seem too much, but enough for a beautiful winter atmosphere around Christmas.

  10. That slick ice covering the walkways would be enough to keep me inside. Glad you took the challenge and got the photos though.

  11. I also love winter, William, and I did not like the freezing rain we had on Monday. Now we have snow and I absolutely love this winter series! I am so glad someone else besides myself loves winter! Keep up the great winter series! :) Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. Glad you avoided that icy path! A wrist breaks so easily!

  13. Snow in the city looks really nice but only in the photos ..:)
    We don't have snow in this moment, but all the streets are very slippery when it is wet, and then at night it is freezing cold. Sometimes it's difficult to walk outside.

  14. @Sharon: just a bit of colour!

    @Jan: last year we didn't see real snow until after Christmas, which is rare for an Ottawa winter.

    @Catalyst: I figured I can always do a canal side perspective next time.

    @Linda: it's a wonderful season.

    @RedPat: fortunately the pain and stiffness are lessening. The bruises are still there, but they'll fade in a few days.

    @Orvokki: some snow on top of things tends to make it less slippery.

  15. Wonderful photos William. That icy path looks dangerous, you should get a pair of spikes to put over your shoes. I had them when I was in Maine and they take the worry away for you, no more slipping.

  16. Lovely Christmas lights and the snow photos are beautiful! Must have been very cold out there!

  17. Oo! Ice on snow--a particularly dangerous combination. I agree with Bill.

  18. Some great shots. Good thinking about the ice. It is dangerous.

  19. Those last two shots are poignant. And that ice covered walk looks almost lethal...not worth risking for a few photos.

  20. We're supposed to have freezing rain tonight, too! SIGH..

  21. @Bill: I've occasionally thought of getting those.

    @Nancy: cold is a good thing.

    @Revrunner: that is true.

    @Mari: it can be.

    @Furry Gnome: thanks!

    @Kay: I found them quite poignant.

    @Jennifer: freezing rain is the only weather in winter I dislike.