Monday, April 3, 2017

A Cold Winter Night In The City

These shots were taken on the evening of March 14th, when a heavy snowfall was coming down in Ottawa, taken in the streets of Old Ottawa South. It was the system named by some overly paranoid weather forecasters as Stella.

The following day the snow was still falling. We had about thirty four hours straight snowfall. This is a street view in the Glebe.


  1. I love the snow and light in these photos!

  2. OMG, why does anyone live way up there?

  3. Ottawa is a very cold city, it's my opinion.


  4. I can feel the freezing cold just looking at the photos. You are so brave going out there to take those shots.

  5. That looks very cold, you were very brave to go out and make some photos.

  6. Your winters last way longer than ours. It looks really cold!

  7. ...let's hope that this is all in the past.

  8. I especially love this series and can just imagine someone having to walk home in this. Also, I can imagine the quietness.


  9. @Linda: thanks!

    @Catalyst: I love it.

    @Tomas: it is.

    @Nancy: in this case I was going home.

    @Marianne: it was quite an evening.

    @Revrunner: indeed!

    @Marleen: we get long winters.

    @Tom: I doubt it's done.

    @Janis: it is quiet in a snowfall, though the wind makes noise.

  10. Wow - you certainly get some weather in your neck of the woods, William!

  11. where is every one? so quiet and calm? neat glow too! ( ;

  12. Brrr... still winter there...

  13. Love the mysterious atmospheric mood in these images William, I see everyone was sensibly keeping warm indoors ☺

  14. Oh it looked nasty. I like the last picture.
    We had a beautiful day yesterday.
    Early morning Monday and Skunk is back. Visits our apt front door. Neighbor across does not want it
    destroyed. It is under his Ricky old garage but it never stays on his property. I wonder if we can call the people who will take it away. If it is a bother to our apt and roaming the village.

  15. that's a lot of snow in one storm. Hopefully most of it is gone by now.

  16. Beautiful - from afar! I love the pictures but not sure if I could live in it anymore.

  17. 34 hours of snow would be enough to make one go south in a hurry. On the other hand, you really like snow. Nice night photos.

  18. This is hard to believe even though I'm looking at the photos! My god, does it ever get nice and warm with lots of sunshine in your city? Sheesh. It's too hot here, but I do prefer warm to cold. Nice photos, though. You certainly captured the "cold" well!

  19. Oh brrr. I think by now the beauty is gone.

  20. That much snow in mid-March?! And...that's why I live in the Sunshine State. : ) Nice captures.

  21. The city of full snow and night lights looks very beautiful.

  22. That sure looks like a long cold winter.

  23. hey, William, I'm watching it now ... do u know the man on Jeopardy? he is from Ottawa too. apparently they have been having a bunch of Canadians on the show lately. very cool. they have all been doing great money wise. 1st name is Eric ... don't think they mentioned his last name though. ( ;

  24. @Mike: we do!

    @Beth: most people were home by then.

    @Karl: and I doubt winter is done.

    @Grace: they would have been.

    @Carolann: best to leave them to their own devices.

    @Sharon: we have less by the day.

    @Joan: I love it.

    @Red: it is the best weather.

    @Lowell: I do love this weather.

    @MB: ah, it is beautiful!

    @SRQ: we got a good amount over the winter.

    @Orvokki: thank you.

    @RedPat: I do!

    @Catalyst: they were about, just not there.

    @Bill: it is a long season.

    @Beth: I have heard of him.

  25. Brrrr, I like winter, but not in March. Snow with evening lights is nice pair. Pretty captures and you were brave to leave home and take these shots!

  26. Once again you have made me so thankful I do not live there. Your depiction of the elements is quite vivid.

  27. Goodness, I'm looking at these while enjoying a Spring-like day.
    It does make me feel a lot cooler!

    All the best Jan

  28. So much for an early spring! I hope this was the last of it for a while...

  29. @Cloudia: it is!

    @Klara: now I think it's done for the season.

    @Mari: thank you!

    @Norma: it was.

    @Jan: thanks!

    @Kay: I think now that winter has finished with us.