Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Looming Deadline For The NAC

I have been keeping regular track of the work around the National Arts Centre while the glass enclosure has been added onto the building, and you can find the last post here. This first shot dates to April 8th, when I was coming up to the National War Memorial near sundown to attend the Vimy Ridge Centennial evening vigil. I paused to photograph the NAC, since I rarely photograph it at dusk.

These I took a few days ago, first from the Mackenzie King Bridge looking north to the NAC and Parliament Hill. The others were taken from the north side, moving from Plaza Bridge down to near the Canal. While the glass panels are in place and most of the work is now happening inside, one glass panel has yet to be added on the west side, with wood screens in its place. This is likely for work crews, who may require equipment to be forklifted into the upper parts of the work site.


  1. Looks like an impressive building!

  2. Very huge and impressive. Looking to see more photos of this building. Have a happy day!

  3. I agree, it is a very impressive building. Thanks for sharing William :)

  4. What a building! And I noticed immediately the bilingual signs, and the English first on one, and French first on another! Love it!

  5. Building Brilliance, in any language, says it all!

  6. Reminds me of a small glass panel truck I saw parked in front of one of our glass skyscrapers last week. Made me think, "Yeah, I bet that glass company keeps busy!" :-)

  7. Gosh it's a huge addition to the NAC William, is it completely finished yet? It's going to be perfect for future reflection shots 😊

  8. @Linda: it is.

    @Nancy: I look forward to the finish of the job.

    @Denise: you're welcome.

    @Linda: they do that here, interchangeably.

    @Lowell: it does!

    @Francisco: it is.

    @Tom: and they are now in the home stretch. Two months to go.

    @Revrunner: some company will do well for the washing contract.

    @Hilary: it is, now that it's all coming together.

    @Grace: it's getting there!

  9. The sign says it all "excellence" . Hey I found out the spell check does French too!

  10. It's going to be spectacular.

  11. It's a fine building, the glass walls look great.

  12. I shall enjoy seeing it. I've entered that back stage door many a time!

  13. @Red: so it does!

    @Sharon: I expect so.

    @Cloudia: definitely.

    @Marleen: they do now!

    @Jennifer: I'm looking forward to the opening.

    @Bill: it does. And they've kept the building going during all of this.

    @SRQ: indeed!

  14. They are on a building binge. I'm sure they plan to have it done for the Canadian celebration.

  15. This just looks better and better.

  16. I'm sure you'll let us know when it is finished.

  17. It's gonna be wonderful. Thank you for photo update.

  18. What a project, but it's looking good!

    All the best Jan

  19. @Lois: it is!

    @Janey: it will.

    @Mari: that's the idea.

    @Kay: they're now running against the clock.

    @Beth: I do too.

    @Mari: will do.

    @Norma: it is.

    @Klara: you're welcome.

    @Jan: thanks!