Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sculptural Sets

I am adding in this link today, as it references the artist, Georges Braque, behind two of yesterday's paintings. Tracy was writing about the impact art has on her, and by chance, I was paying a visit to the Gallery that day and decided to track down his works.

Today I'm bringing this series from the National Gallery of Canada to a close. Alexander Calder's mobile sculpture Jacaranda dates to 1949. Wire and sheet metal, painted black, hang in this particular space, surrounded by the works of other artists.

I showed you these two sculptures last time I was here, but I thought they shared the same name. Canadian artist Brian Jungen did these two sculptures. Shapeshifter is on the right, while Vienna is on the left. The former was done in 2000, while the latter was made in 2003. Jungen used plastic chairs, cutting them up and reshaping them into whale skeletons. 

I finish this series with a look out from the balcony into the great hall of the Gallery. The Ottawa River can be seen beyond in the last light of day.


  1. I've always liked Calder mobiles. I didn't realize the Jungen sculptures were from repurposed chairs! Thanks for the closer views. The great hall is truly great.

  2. Super last shot from the gallery balcony William, love the glimpse of the river. The Jungen sculptures are so imaginative and fabulous!

  3. ...since I was a kid, I've loved Alexander Calder's mobile sculptures.

  4. That is rather amazing, isn't it?!

  5. I wasn't aware of Calder, will have to check him out!

    1. Having googled it I now see that we have some in Toronto! I learn so much following all the great bloggers out there. Thanks!

  6. @Kay: thank you!

    @Grace: they are indeed.

    @Tom: they really do stand out.

    @Jennifer: it is!

    @Jackie: I think there is a Calder in Montreal too.

    @Linda: indeed!

  7. Great view in the last photo. the people down below show the size of the building.

  8. That whale skeleton is majestic and quite amazing!

  9. The skeleton sculptures are impressive.

  10. I could, I think, recognize a work by Calder from a mile away.

  11. I love sculpture and 3-D art. So glad you have some to feature!
    Happy Sunday, William.


  12. @Red: they do indeed!

    @Lowell: I agree!

    @Marleen: the sculptor did good work with them.

    @Revrunner: he has a lot of fans!

    @Janis: thank you!

    @RedPat: it's really grown on me.

  13. Calder's work is incredible, I love it.

  14. I appreciate the gallery more than the sculptures.

  15. I love the mobile sculpture! And the whale skeletons are quite impressive!

  16. I wonder if the creativity is in the forms themselves, or in the idea of cutting up and reshaping plastic chairs into a whale form . . .

  17. This is such a lovely series of photos. Thank you William, I have thoroughly enjoyed them.

  18. These sculptures are both wonderful! I'm often surprised at some of the modern looking art pieces being a lot older than I expect. The whale sculpture is so mesmerizing. To think he made it out of plastic chairs ... great creativity.

  19. Sculptures amaze me with their diversity and creativity.

  20. Love that last photograph of yours.

    All the best Jan

  21. @Bill: he's quite an artist.

    @Klara: I certainly think so.

    @Mari: it depends on one's artistic taste. I start generally losing focus when getting into modern art.

    @Tamago: they're quite unusual.

    @Jack: that may be.

    @Denise: you're welcome.

    @Wendy: it takes vision!

    @Norma: I did too.

    @Molly Jo: these do that.

    @Jan: so do I.