Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Swift Flow Of The River

These first shots date back to the morning of March 12th, a week after the last shots from yesterday. The cold spell we were having at that time meant some of the ice that had broken up had started to rebuild along the sides. The first view looks west, while the second looks east.

As you can see, the water at the sides had frozen up again. This is reflected in the water that comes up over the banks and tends to flood the bike path under the bridge at this time of year. This is one of the reasons all of the land immediately alongside the river in the core is parkland.

There was a flock of Canada geese. They were resting along the water- these would be early migrants heading for places further north. They might have been thinking at the time that it would have been a good idea to hold off for a couple of weeks.

I took these last two shots a few days ago, further downstream along the river. The Cummings Bridge crosses the river where Rideau Street ends and becomes Montreal Road, east into the Vanier area. Thus the Rideau River becomes the eastern boundary of the downtown core as it heads towards its outlet at the Rideau Falls. This first view, taken on the Vanier side of the river, looks across to the west side, where the Sandy Hill neighbourhood resides. There's an island in the foreground, close to the bridge, that makes ideal nesting grounds for birds.

Moving to the north side of the bridge here, this view looks downstream. Vanier is on the right here, while across the river is the Lowertown neighbourhood. From here, the Rideau Falls aren't that far away.


  1. Beautiful photos, William. Love the Canada geese, too.

  2. I'm not sure Canada geese really think...

  3. Nice views of the river, William.

  4. Your river views are beautiful. Have a good day!

  5. Yes, winter definitely looks to be breaking up. . . finally.

  6.'s nice to see the ice melting away.

  7. It is a beautiful river. We've still got a bunch of Canadian geese here in central Florida. They'll probably be heading back your way soon.

  8. So good that the ice is melting.
    Lovely river views.

    Happy April Wishes

    All the best Jan

  9. We feel your love for your home!

  10. It's about time for that ice to be leaving.

  11. This has been a weird year where the ice goes out early and then almost forms again.

  12. I love Canada geese! There's a flock that settles near our light rail station every year, and we look forward to seeing them.

  13. @Linda: they might make a mess, but I like them as critters go.

    @Halcyon: hah!

    @Marleen: thanks!

    @Nancy: thank you.

    @Revrunner: it's been very slow this year, but that's okay.

    @Tom: once the breakup starts, it can go quite swiftly.

    @Lowell: I have no idea when the ones who spend the summer arrive here. We are seeing migrating flocks though. They'll stop in along the river for a break, and an hour or two later they're back in the air.

    @Jan: thank you.

    @Cloudia: thanks!

    @Sharon: it's been around awhile!

    @Red: that cold spell in the first part of March really started rebuilding the ice around the bridge, I thought, and probably did the same thing on the east shore of the river across from that island.

    @Norma: they do make quite a noise!

  14. Ice melting is always an awesome experience and a great sign of spring. Those who can see it, are happy.

  15. can't wait to get out to enjoy some waters very very soon. it is time, it is time!! ha. ha!! ( :

  16. Beautiful images of the canal. Looks like you had some nice sunny days.

  17. @Orvokki: just as long as the river doesn't spill over its banks!

    @Beth: I wouldn't count winter as done quite yet.

    @RedPat: thanks! That's actually the first time I've stood on that bridge. I've passed over it by vehicle on occasion when I've gone into Vanier, but I've never walked over it until now.

    @Bill: we did.

    @Whisk: thanks!

    @Janis: quite cold!

  18. Lovely photos! It is definitely warming up.

  19. Nice shots. The geese must have far to go or do not mind the cold as much as some.

  20. Well, it looks a wee bit warmer.

  21. I like the pictures with Canada geese the most. They look almost b&w.

  22. Well, at least we're not seeing more snow falling at the moment.

  23. We've got awful flooding this way!

  24. @Lois: it was!

    @Janey: now I think we're done with it.

    @Mari: I think these particular geese, being early on in the season, were early migrants. They might have spent the winter somewhere south of the Great Lakes, and end up going a good deal further north.

    @Catalyst: comparatively speaking!

    @Klara: they do, yes.

    @Kay: I think the snow is done. Knock on wood!

    @Jennifer: and now at this point in the month, the flooding seems to be on the Ottawa River.