Sunday, April 9, 2017

Centennial Of A Battle

One hundred years ago today, the four day Battle Of Vimy Ridge began in France as part of the First World War. Canadian soldiers took the ridge together, with over ten thousand of them killed or wounded during the assault. The victory is considered a threshold moment for Canada as a nation. Today a massive limestone monument resides at the battlefield, designed by Canadian sculptor Walter Allward. It seems appropriate on this day to feature the National War Memorial here in Ottawa, unveiled in 1939 to commemorate the over 60 000 dead of that war, but since then dedicated to Canadians who have served in all wars and during peacetime. The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier, placed here in 2000, contains the remains of an unknown Canadian soldier who fell at Vimy Ridge. An official delegation is attending a ceremony at the Vimy battlesite today in France, and there is to be a ceremony here today commemorating the occasion, which I plan on attending. As well, last night a candlelight vigil was scheduled to be held here, so odds are I will have attended that, and I hope to have coverage of all of it in tomorrow's post (or posts). There are also events across the nation in many cities and towns commemorating the occasion, so if you're Canadian, check that list out if you see this early enough in the day. And have a look at this 2007 video of the Warriors Lament at Vimy Ridge. Sierra Noble is a Canadian Metis musician.


  1. This really is an awesome monument.

  2. what a monument. It looks several stories high.


  3. Ah, this explains the Vimy Ridge banner hanging outside the Canadian embassy here yesterday.

  4. This is an impressive monument.

  5. i enjoy the cannon part ... very detailed. ( ;

  6. @Linda: thank you.

    @Orvokki: it is.

    @Janis: it is the biggest monument in the city.

    @Revrunner: that doesn't surprise me.

    @Francisco: it is.

    @Norma: it was quite moving last night. I am on my way to the service this morning.

    @Beth: it is!

  7. It is well to remember, William. Yes. Thanka

  8. The monument in Ottawa is very powerful when seen up close. A very moving performance on the video link. Thanks for the link for events. Looking forward to seeing your posts on this.

  9. Hello, it is an awesome monument. Great photos. Happy Sunday!

  10. Impressive monument. Love all the detail.

  11. The hundredth anniversary of Vimy seems to have reawakened us as to the suffering and loss that took place at Vimy. We have an impressive monument in Ottawa to remember the sacrifices.

  12. Every time you picture this memorial I'm always impressed by it's beauty and grandeur.

  13. @Cloudia: you're welcome.

    @Nancy: it really is.

    @Wendy: Miss Noble was there this morning. I got a chance to thank her personally afterwards.

    @Eileen: thank you.

    @SRQ: I do too.

    @Red: the ceremonies were both poignant.

    @Sharon: the designer of this one did beautifully.

  14. A very detailed monument, very nice.

  15. Superb and pwerful and very moving!

  16. Magnificient monument. A lot of details.

  17. Yes, Vimy, has been mentioned on the UK news today.
    This is a wonderful monument, appreciate the photographs you have shared.

    All the best Jan

  18. ...such a large and impressive display.

  19. I think that all soldiers should be recognised, but all these war memorials make me sad about the loss of young lives.

  20. The active figures on the monument create an amazing drama as a focus for a tribute ceremony.

  21. @Bill: it is powerful.

    @Lowell: thank you.

    @Klara: it is an ideal memorial- it's not about victory, but remembrance.

    @Jan: it dominated our news over those few days. It was good that the princes came out to join the occasion.

    @Mari: I thought so.

    @Kay: very much so.

    @Tom: it's a focal point in this city, and the country.

    @Kate: I think that was one of the intents of the designers of both this memorial, and the Vimy Memorial. They evoke commemoration in their design.

    @Jennifer: it was quite a day.

    @Gemma: they do.