Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Getting Ready To Rumble

This is the link for the home page of La Machine, where you can get a look at their various productions and see if at some point in the future, one of their works will be coming your way.

The finale of La Machine took place on the final Sunday evening in July, on the grounds of the Canadian War Museum, west of the city core. The crowds were already there when I arrived, but I was able to find a position where Kumo the spider was clearly visible. Kumo was quiet upon first arrival. Here was the grounds of the final confrontation between the machines, with the dragon horse's stolen temple guarded by Kumo- and containing one of the musicians. The bulk of the other musicians, joined by a choir, were to spend the evening in the raised platforms playing, while the spider looked all menacing. The crowd broke out into applause when the slow moving transports bearing the operating crews drove through, and then it was time for things to get underway.

Kumo was moving around, looking ferocious, while Long Ma was on his way from Victoria Island. The dragon horse appears first in the second photo, and then started making his way around the crowd to get ready for battle. Kumo had center stage until then. Check out these videos: #7 and #8.

A glimpse of Long Ma can be seen here- the brightly lit dragon horse is seen beneath the scaffolding where camera crews are perched, having reached the west end of the grounds. From there he moved on, coming back to have a word with Kumo. Here's video #9.

Here we have one more glance at Long Ma passing by. The finale of this event is in tomorrow's post.


  1. Those photos with the spider lit up are nothing short of dramatic!


  2. @Kay: it was!

    @Halcyon: thanks!

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Janis: it was indeed.

    @Tom: definitely.

    @Marleen: I agree!

  3. I saw a lot of this event on the TV news and I really wished that I lived nearer Ottawa so I could have seen it all in person. Great shots. I love spectacles like this.... but I don't really like the crowds and traffic jams that it brings.

  4. Hello, great night shots. What a cool event. Have a happy day!

  5. Lights, action camera, action, smoke, water and movement. This makes for great entertainment.

  6. @Shammickite: I would have been kicking myself, living in town, if I'd missed this event.

    @Eileen: it was cool!

    @Norma: definitely!

    @Red: it was a blast.

    @MB: yes!

    @Maywyn: I agree!

  7. Enough to give children nightmares.

  8. How absolutely brilliant William, what an amazing spectacle! Loved the videos, they give a real sense of the size of the beasts :)

  9. I had checked out their website yesterday! The whole operation is so wonderful, William!

  10. Incredible and impressive! What a fantastic event. Nice night shots William.

  11. This is unbelievable! I cannot even imagine such a thing here. It's glorious and fun and entertaining on a scale seldom to be realized except in the movies. Thanks for sharing and your night photos are excellent.

  12. @Revrunner: most of the kids I noticed during these days were fascinated by these machines.

    @Grace: it was quite an event for the city to have.

    @Cloudia: indeed!

    @RedPat: I agree!

    @Bill: thank you!

    @Lowell: it was quite something to take in.

  13. I've not seen an event like this.
    So appreciate your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  14. What a shame the event is so far, far away.

  15. @Jan: I had such a good deal of fun taking this event in.

    @Mari: alas, this was the first time in North America. Strange that this city was its host!

    @Linda: it was indeed!

    @Klara: I think so!