Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Light Or Dark

Have a look today at my writer's blog, where today I feature a photo post on this past weekend's Army Run event.

I have gone to see the multimedia show Kontinuum several times during its exhibition in downtown Ottawa this summer; you may remember a post I did on it in early August, so today we begin a series. The show wrapped up a few days ago, and was set in a future LRT station beneath the core. Kontinuum was quite popular, drawing in more than 300 000 visitors during its run, and was staged with the idea of having around seventy people in the exhibition at any given time, taking about a half hour to pass through. I will be posting another series on it down the line, and I have photos stashed away that may come in use for future theme days as well.

The visitor scanned a card upon entry, with that scan sending your digital counterpart down into the main part of the exhibition. Then you walked past a series of quotations about light or journeys, such as this one by Tesla. 

The shimmering deep colours change regularly, giving what will one day be typical infrastructure a richly moody sensibility.

After passage through this corridor, there were a couple of entrances- each ends up taking you to opposite sides of the tracks down at the platform level. The design of these pathways differ from each other. 

On this occasion, I took the passage to the right, where the lights and music interact with the passage of people.

This pathway leads to a room with a dazzling light show being projected, with geometric shapes flashing on the screen, something like out of a sci-fi movie.


  1. I like photo #5 the best, and I love the Autumn colours in your header.

  2. This IS dazzling and very cool.

  3. This sure made for a visually appealing program! Light can feel magical.


  4. Amazing! Who finances these exhibitions? They must be very expensive, but they bring a cultural richness to your city that is absent in most places! It reminded me just a bit of one of those Halloween houses. Just a bit. :)

  5. @Linda: thanks!

    @Kay: it was!

    @Francisco: I enjoyed the event.

    @Tom: they were!

    @Janis: this was a good idea.

    @Lowell: I believe the city covered part of it, and the rest was corporate sponsorship.

  6. This looks like a great show! We've seen something similar on a much smaller scale in the Science Centre (only one room). The interaction of the lights and sounds when people walk through gets great reactions.

  7. Now that is something new to me! Great lighting effects!

  8. Very artistic . I'm always surprised by the new mediums used to express art.

  9. This is almost like an abstract art show!

  10. I would love to see this in person!

  11. @Marleen: I was glad to be able to attend so often, especially near the end- I moved into a place a short walk away from where all this was being held.

    @Wendy: It's been a long time since I've been in the Science Centre, but I think I'd been in that display.

    @Christine: whoever came up with it had a good idea.

    @Red: this was very expressive.

    @Sharon: it is, yes!

    @Lois: I enjoyed visiting, and took many, many pics over my various visits.

  12. Must have been amazing to walk through this exhibit. Your photos do a great job of bringing this to life.

  13. This looks like a really interesting experience. No wonder you went several times.

  14. Makes for some very interesting almost B/W images.

  15. Interesting effects, looks amazing.

  16. @Denise: I thoroughly enjoyed visiting this.

    @ODP: it was a good concept for the anniversary year.

    @RedPat: it was!

    @Revrunner: some definitely had that black and white look, but much of it was strongly colourful.

    @Bill: I had a lot of fun in visiting this event as many times as I did.

  17. I like these light lines, they are wonderful.

  18. This is great to see. Our kids went, they do everything! I was quite curious.

  19. Last few pictures are like in b&w.

  20. I like this.... all the lines ( and the light)
    Nice posting!

  21. @Cloudia: I thoroughly enjoyed this event.

    @Eve: that's what some are saying!

    @Orvokki: it was quite an experience attending these.

    @Linda: I agree!

    @Jennifer: it was fun.

    @Klara: indeed!

    @Gunn: thanks!

    @Norma: wow indeed!