Tuesday, March 20, 2018


I have several churches today, most taken at points in February, and the first few of them were taken on a day when I went out to Nepean. This is St. Tekle Haimanot Ethiopian Orthodox Church. While I have seen churches with steep roofs before, the curves on this rooftop are unlike what I've seen in the past. The Orthodox Church made inroads into Ethiopia long before colonization.

Across the street is St. Elizabeth Catholic Parish.

Paroisse St. Bonaventure is a French speaking Catholic church nearby.

This is Calvin Christian Reformed Church. It dates back to 1953.

And this is Julian Of Norwich Anglican Church.

On another day, I took in this view of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church downtown. The church stands across from the Supreme Court of Canada, and is the only building along Wellington Street here that is not a government building. The congregation was founded in 1828, and the present church dates to 1872.

On Family Day in February, I went out to the New Edinburgh area to visit Rideau Hall in the winter. I'll have posts on that in a few days. Two nearby churches drew me first. MacKay United Church was founded as a Presbyterian church in 1875 before becoming part of the United denomination in the 1920s. The present building was erected in 1909-10, and is in the Romanesque Revival style.

St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church is up the street, near one of the entrances into Rideau Hall. It is the official church for the Canadian Governor General, as well as the regimental chapel for the Governor General's Foot Guards. The parish dates to 1867, with the church completed the following year.

This shot, from early March, was out in Barrhaven. This is Divine Word Evangelical Lutheran Church, which I last showed at Christmas time. We'd had a thaw that removed much of the snow from the west facing church entrance, but the city has had snowfalls since.


  1. What a selection! Which one to go to? Which one does god love the best? Which one loves god the best? It's confusing. It's a conundrum, but I've always felt it's nice to have choices so if I get thrown out of one I can perhaps find a welcome in another. :)

  2. Thet are all very different. My favourite design is the first one. I just like the way the roof reaches to the ground with the windows an integral part of the roof.

  3. Loved seeing that Ethiopian church - we intended to travel to Ethiopia a couple of years back to see the very early Rock Churches carved down into the mountain tops. We were all packed and ready to leave when we received a message to say that it had been cancelled due to tribal unrest in the area we were due to visit. We were very disappointed.

  4. That is an unusual looking church. Is there symbolism in that design? It looks so different from everything else!

  5. ...the first modern one is striking!

  6. Some nice churches William though I prefer the older ones myself

  7. You have just provided us with a fabulous array of churches. This could have been a dozen posts. The roof on that first church is wild!


  8. I enjoyed this survey of churches. Such variety among them!

  9. Interesting to see different churches. I like the views with churches covered in snow.

  10. @Lowell: they all have a lot of character.

    @Fun60: I've seen churches before with such a steep roof, but never with those curves around windows.

    @Rosemary: I hadn't known that there was such a history of Christianity going back in Ethiopia.

    @Sandi: I am wondering if the church design is based in part on Ethiopian ideas. I imagine the interior would reflect that, at the very least.

    @Tom: it definitely is.

    @Bill: we have a lot of Gothic churches here. Not so much the Romanesque, but there's at least one other that I should photograph sometime.

    @Janis: it certainly stood out to me.

    @Francisco: thank you!

    @Marie: there was.

    @Tamago: we had quite a winter, which isn't quite done!

    @Mildred: thank you.

    1. I thought that you might be interested to know that Ethiopia adopted Christianity as early as 300-350 AD and was one of the first nations to do so. Its historical christian roots date back to the time of the Apostles. Their rock churches on the mountain tops in Lalibela are over 900 years old.

  11. It has been quite a winter.
    I like the church theme. They don't give me the willies anymore. tee hee

  12. The churches all look so different! Some have very nice designs.

  13. I always visit churches wherever I go, here or abroad.
    I would like to visit these as well.
    : )

  14. Well, I don't know if I like the style of the Ethiopian Church but it's certainly very different.

  15. Tbr Ethiopian church is a reslly nice design.

  16. That was quite an assortment but, I like the first one best. I love that unusual roof line.

  17. @Jennifer: it has definitely been a strange winter!

    @Nancy: there's quite a difference in architecture among them.

    @Cloudia: thank you.

    @Catarina: I've been inside St. Andrew's, which is often open for an hour or two during the warm weather around noon. I've never been in the others.

    @Red: very different indeed.

    @Maywyn: it was so unlike what I'm used to.

    @Sharon: it's eye catching.

  18. Got your comment.
    Snow here too, but that's normal for us as well.
    And mud. Lots of lots of mud in the spring.

  19. My favorite is the Ethiopian. Distinctive.

  20. Beautiful and interesting, so different from ours.

  21. That's quite a few denominations reflecting the population diversity. I find the architecture of the Orthodox Church so appealing.

  22. I think I like that first one the best! Love its roof!

  23. Quite a variety of churches in your area! I love the graceful roof on the Ethiopian Orthodox church. The other one that appealed to me is the MacKay church - it resembles the Presbyterian Church in Arizona that I grew up attending.

  24. not sure i could pick a fave ... love all the snow ... very pleasing to the architectural eyes. nice!! ( ;

  25. What beautiful churches. I tend to be more of a traditionalist but I am really taken with the Ethopian church. Very beautiful clean lines.

  26. That's quite a collection. I like the first one with those special curves in the roof. It's extra beautiful with the small amount of snow on it, I think.

  27. What a wide variety of churches, very impressive.

  28. @Whisk: my aunt used to say the first day of spring dictated what the rest of the season would involve. Cool and clear for us, so we shall see.

    @Catalyst: it's so different!

    @Karl: our Gothic styles would fit in somewhat in your mountain terrain.

    @Christine: there's quite a variety of denominations throughout the area.

    @RedPat: it's certainly an eye catching roof.

    @Susie: I will have to get into MacKay sometime. I know they tend to participate in Doors Open.

    @Beth: thanks!

    @Jeanie: it stands out.

    @Jan: the roof is even practical- hard for snow to stick on that.

    @Bill: I thought it was a good set. I've got another set of churches coming up in early April.

  29. How lovely to see all of these, and they are each so different.
    I do like the look of the Ethiopian Church - it's quite special.

    All the best Jan

  30. Great to see those massive buildings.

  31. Muito interessante a arquiteturas destes templos da fé
    Um abraço

  32. Amazing how different they are all.

  33. The architectural style are varied and are great choices for your post. Each is unique from the others, and the church in the top photo does have a style all its own.

  34. Quite a diversity in building designs. I'd not have thought of Orthodox and Ethiopian together. It's quite an interesting design.

  35. The top one reminds me of ISHAVSKATEDRALEN up in the north of Norway at TROMSØ
    Looks colder where you are.
    I am longing for spring now.

  36. So many different styles of architecture William, although the cross and stained glass windows are something most churches have in common.

  37. I love how some churches are plain and simple and then some are very ornate. I usually photograph small country churches which are more function over form, yet beautiful in their simplicity. Except Orthodix Churches, those are almost always spectacular.

  38. I always love your church photos. I still think they'd make a great coffee table book.

  39. @Jan: thank you.

    @Mari: it is.

    @Gracita: thanks!

    @Janey: that's true.

    @Kate: that they do.

    @Kay: I wouldn't have either.

    @Gunn: winter lasts here.

    @Grace: true.

    @Jennifer: they are.

    @Norma: thank you.

    @Klara: I agree.