Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Cold Imagination

I headed up to Parliament Hill late one afternoon for some sunset shots during Winterlude. On my way to my destination I paused to photograph the ice rink on the hill that had been here from December through the beginning of March. It was busy at the time. 

Winterlude included another site that I had been neglectful of during the festival. The Sparks Street pedestrian mall had some ice sculptures along its path, such as this tractor in ice.

Up the street were ice sculptures that were more interactive, such as rotating these blocks of ice to play tic tac toe.

There was even a game involving throwing hoops onto ice sculptures.

Back to Confederation Park, however, to begin the last posts in this series. I photographed that sculpture of the harness racer several times, including at night.

These were sculptures carved after the first weekend, and designed with posing for pictures in mind.

On each of the weekends, new one block carvings were done for the public to come watch as they were in progress. This was one of them. I have more of this to come.


  1. Ring toss ice sculptures! Everyone should have those in their yard. Looks like a lot of fun
    Great pictures

  2. It must be very cold at your place that all the ice-art pieces are still complete.

  3. ice makes me thirsty. nice shots!! going for some water now. it is breakfast time. later. LOL! ( ;

  4. I like the sunset shots you made near the ice rink.

  5. @Maywyn: it was quite an unusual idea.

    @Francisco: thank you!

    @Marianne: oh, these were back in February. It's still relatively cold, but they break these down when the festival is over.

    @Beth: thanks!

    @Jan: I wanted final shots of the rink, and it made sense that day to take them while I was on the Hill.

  6. These are gorgeous shots of Parliament Hill. The lighting is spectacular. Beautiful.

  7. The horse racer is extremely well done. The action is real.

  8. Lots of folks out there braving the cold on the rink. I do like all of these sculptures and I like the ring toss. If nothing else it would keep your body moving and the blood warming which you're slowly freezing to death! :))

  9. So nice to see the blue sky. There hasn’t been much of it this year!

  10. @Jeanie: that particular day was very good for the sunset. I've got a post coming up near month's end with sunsets, and another shot from that day I'm using for a specific post in April.

    @Sharon: they're clever, particularly the tic tac toe.

    @Red: it does seem to capture the sense of movement.

    @Lowell: the rink was popular while it was active. They finished this past weekend. I think all in all that it was a good idea.

    @Marie: and the same here- we have grey skies today and snow falling.

  11. Iced tic-tac-toe, I love it. Very cool, William

  12. So amazing that I am ALMOST speechless---that would be a sight to see. Great light in the first shots

  13. A great idea to include interactive ice sculptures!

  14. The ice sculptures are magical!

  15. More fun! I like that tic tac toe one. I've seen something like that at local playgorunds..plastic though lol

  16. @Bill: it's different!

    @MB: thanks!

    @Tom: and good games, too.

    @Christine: it was!

    @RedPat: yes they are.

    @Jenn: I have seen something like that too.

  17. The ice skaters were out in force. The sculptures are captivating as always.

  18. Canada knows how to make winter fun!


  19. I don't know what the metaphoric equivalent of turning lemons to lemonade is but Canadians certainly know how to make ice and snow fun.

  20. Winged faeries are my thing ;)

  21. The ice sculptures are holding up well William.. must be freezing 😀

  22. People are so creative. Check out that Tic Tac Toe!

  23. I am always fascinated by your ice sculptures, William !

  24. The sun/light in your photos is so nice. I enjoyed all the sculptures. One of many things I never learned to skate!

  25. ... the ice rink seems very popular.
    I enjoyed all of your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  26. @Mari: they certainly are.

    @Janis: we do indeed.

    @Kay: it becomes a good way to see the winter through.

    @Klara: they are!

    @Cloudia: it's a good one.

    @Grace: they did pretty well this year in terms of weather conditions.

    @Sandi: tic tac toe in ice was a good idea.

    @Karl: I enjoy showing them.

    @Jennifer: thank you!

    @Mildred: I've never learned either.

    @Jan: thank you.