Friday, March 9, 2018

Tyrannosaur In Ice

Here we have another of those one block carvings done for Winterlude in Confederation Park. I believe this one was done on the second weekend, and it features a tyrannosaur rex in ice.

Ice carving demonstrations were regularly done each weekend.

A typical scene in the park- these outdoor stoves were set up for those visiting the park to come stop by. This was seen at other Winterlude locations as well.

The Redpath sugar company parked this 1940s era truck here as well. Their nearby tent had people giving out cookies.

I had a look at a sculpture I've shown before- the wall of ice that encased period photos of harness racing on the Canal back in 1979. I liked the way the sun was backlighting the ice, and so photographed it.

This sculpture was carved on the last weekend of the festival.

This was one of the works of the carvers done during demonstrations. I'll show you two others tomorrow.

I finish with a before and after. These were the carvers just getting started on a fresh sculpture on the last weekend of the festival. I asked one of them about the weight of each block. They said they're three hundred pounds each. The train is the finished work.


  1. I thing I'd rather watch the artists at work than anything. Ice carving is a special talent limited to the very few. That choo choo train is a good example.

  2. I remember warming stoves from ice skating as a child. And the Redpath van looks like what Jasper and Horace drove in 101 Dalmatians. Lots of memories for me today.


  3. that 1940's truck got me ... now that is cool. neat-O!! love it! ( ;
    happy weekend.

  4. What a nice and cute old truck!

  5. A popular and well loved event! I'd love a cookie!

  6. ...what fun, but I like the old truck the best!

  7. Beautiful ice art. And what a cute old car! :-)

  8. @Lowell: it is quite a skill.

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Janis: I hadn't thought of that movie, but it fits.

    @Beth: it's obviously well taken care of.

    @Marleen: it is!

    @Janey: definitely.

    @Klara: it is indeed.

    @Christine: the cookies tasted good.

    @Tom: it has a lot of character.

    @Marie: thanks!

    @Gunn: very cute!

  9. I think watching the carvers at work will be interesting!

  10. I am SO not a cold weather person, but I have to say, I'd be willing to bundle up to see all the icy beauty you have shared with us in these recent posts!

  11. You guys make the most of Winter!

  12. I am amazed at the images they get out of the ice! I've seen that Redpath truck here at events too.

  13. I love that old truck. I don't think I've seen anything like it before.

  14. Schöne Bilder die Skulpturen sind klasse.


  15. Good idea to show the activity in producing the sculptures. You understand more when things make sense.

  16. @Nancy: it was.

    @Jeanie: I've enjoyed doing so.

    @Cloudia: we try to!

    @RedPat: I imagine it gets around.

    @Jan: definitely!

    @Sharon: I have featured it before, but you may have missed it.

    @Noke: thank you!

    @Red: I thought before and after works well with ice sculptures.

  17. The ice sculptors are incredibly talented, such cool creations! Love the retro Redpath truck.

  18. This amazes me! How do they do it?

  19. What a beautiful tyrannosaur rex!
    I love seeing before and after pictures!

  20. I use to have an old truck toy like that when I was a kid. Nice photos, William!

  21. @Grace: it's fun to watch them at work!

    @Lady Fi: of course!

    @Sandi: they start with chainsaws and work their way down to finer hand tools as they go along.

    @Tamago: I'll have that Rex lit up at night too.

    @Bill: thanks!

  22. sunlight and ice are magical together.

  23. Very nice. I especially like your backlit wall of ice shot.

  24. I built a snowwoman yesterday. It struck me how hard these are!

  25. What a festive time and favorite is the dinosaur ~ great sculptures and photos!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  26. @Tammie: they certainly are.

    @Kay: I did too.

    @Jennifer: they pose a challenge.

    @Carol: thanks!