Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Strolling Through The Hall

Staying with Rideau Hall, this look outside is from the room I left off with yesterday. This space is beyond the public areas.

The next room in the tour took us into what comprises the original manor. At the heart of the room is a model of Rideau Hall as it exists today.

Guides show how much the building has changed by removing segments that have been added on over time. The guide had her hand on the section we were standing in- Thomas McKay's original manor. He and his family lived in this space (though obviously there would have been walls separating the family back then). It has been radically expanded over time. When the guide is finished, each section goes back in place so that the next guide can do this demonstration for their group.

The last major room in the tour is the most dramatic. The Ballroom is used for formal occasions like state dinners, the greeting of ambassadors, and the swearing in of new cabinet ministers. It is dominated by a portrait of Queen Elizabeth. At present, paintings by First Nations artists are on the wall near the visitor, part of the art collection in the building.

This is something I had not seen before, but was aware of it. Rideau Hall has a skating rink over the winter, and each weekend, members of the public can come to skate. Several skaters were on the ice that afternoon. Some of the buildings you see beyond it are in the part of the property beyond public access. That would include Rideau Cottage, currently the residence of the Prime Minister and his family. It might be called a cottage, but realistically speaking it's a mansion.

I started to take my leave, first photographing the front façade of the manor.

On my way out I passed by this tree. Many of the trees on the property were planted by visiting dignitaries, a tradition going back more than a century. This would be one of them, but its identification plaque was beneath the snowpack when I was here.

Heading back down the driveway, I took another shot of the manor at a distance.

Near the end of the driveway, an inukshuk (alternatively spelled inuksuk) is off to the side. Beyond it in the background is the frozen Ottawa River, visible this time of year.


  1. There is still so much snow on the ground!

  2. The ball room is exquisite and I love the skating rink.

  3. Wonderful interiors and still a lot of snow outside...

  4. I like that blue room with the chandellier.

  5. awesome decor, love the art and that chandelier ... awesome, awesome, cool!! ( ;

  6. ...William, those beautiful tulips look a long way off given how deep the snow is!

  7. The grand sweeping road really adds to the grandeur of this beautiful mansion!

  8. @Lady Fi: it certainly is.

    @Nancy: there's less so now- these shots were taken a month ago- but we still have snow on the ground.

    @Mildred: it's a lovely idea, that skating rink.

    @Karl: we had a fairly snowy winter.

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Marianne: it's quite a space.

    @Janis: it could be!

    @Beth: thank you!

    @Tom: it'll be a few weeks yet!

    @Christine: it does indeed.

  9. The rooms are so impressive, especially the ballroom! Great tour William :)

  10. Such a wonderful place, William!

  11. What a good idea the model is for guides to show visitors how the original place has been added to over the years:)

  12. Yes, I would be impressed with a tour of Rideau Hall.

  13. I must say, I love the colors inside those rooms. They are so soothing.

  14. @Wendy: thank you!

    @RedPat: it is!

    @Rosie: Thomas McKay wouldn't recognize what's become of his place.

    @Red: it's a good spot to visit.

    @Sharon: they are indeed.

  15. Love the model of Rideau Hall, what a very clever way to show how a building has changed over the years William! Enjoyed this visit very much.

  16. Love the new header. Hope the Tulips hurry up and bloom. Great ballroom. Interesting info

  17. Your really show good stuff, William!

  18. I love having a look into these places. I can picture people dancing in that fancy ballroom.

  19. Beautiful interior photos, William. The ballroom is very impressive.

  20. @Grace: the expansion of the building over time is quite dramatic, but for all the space that's here, a lot of that's working space. The Governor General's living quarters are a small portion of it.

    @MB: thank you!

    @Cloudia: thanks!

    @Jenn: every once in awhile one sees a news item that you know took place in that ballroom.

    @Bill: it certainly is. It nicely gives the place a castle kind of feel.

    @Marie: I agree!

  21. Beautiful and elegant place and love the photos ~ inside and out!

    Happy Days to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  22. It's been a long time since we've had that many snow overhere.

  23. Wonderful shots.
    So many snow, I just saw snow once.
    Maria de
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  24. Thanks for explaining the purpose of the markers.

  25. @Carol: thank you!

    @Jan: that's typical for our winter.

    @Maria: thanks.

    @Maywyn: it felt like time for spring, even though it doesn't feel like spring here.

    @Mari: you're welcome.

  26. "Grand" just barely begins to cover it. That model is an ideal way to show how the mansion has expanded.

  27. Another lovely selection of photographs for us William, thank you.
    That ballroom is just magnificent.

    All the best Jan

  28. Is Rideau hall in better shape than the PM's residence??!!
    I love the idea of the model. It really helps visitors understand the set up.

  29. It's lovely. I really do love the idea of planting the trees.

  30. Very pretty pictures of the interriors.

  31. @Kay: it is very good for that.

    @Jan: you're welcome.

    @Jennifer: it's in good shape.

    @Lorelei: quite so.

    @Jeanie: so do I.

    @Norma: I do too.

    @Klara: thank you!