Thursday, August 30, 2018

A Dreaded Mother In Law Visit

Today I have some odds and ends. I start with a view of the Greek embassy, which stands downtown. I've been inside once, but can't recall photographing it. I have photographed the Greek ambassador's residence, which was featured for Doors Open some years ago.

Here we have Vietnam House, the residence of the Vietnamese ambassador, in the Glebe. This is taken from behind, in Central Park during the New Art Festival. The embassy itself is located elsewhere.

This sign changes regularly. It is outside a pub in the Glebe neighbourhood. I photographed it in late May.

This sign down the street often has good ones. The first two examples were the front and back sayings one day, while the third was taken a few days later when the quote had changed.

I took this view one day in June from the rooftop at the Canadian War Museum, looking west over the Ottawa River.

This I came across one day passing through an event on Sparks Street. This Canadian military engineer regiment had displays out.

The German embassy is downtown, near the Rideau Canal. Its crest is mounted near the main entrance.

Taken in July from the roof of the War Museum, I photographed the grounds to the south, which host the main stage for Bluesfest each year, with another smaller stage area over on the north side of the museum. I use the term blues generously, as realistically speaking, the blues might constitute 20% of the acts in the festival. I mean, Foo Fighters is not a blues group. I live not too far from here, so I heard the concerts most nights. Bryan Adams and Blue Rodeo were among them, and of course they were going through their biggest hits.

This is the Fleet Street Pumping Station, dating to 1875. It lies just west of the downtown core, and a channel of the Ottawa River, diverted from the main course, comes through the building, which is still in full operation.

That channel of the river flows out on the other side of the bridge I crossed, down a course that's laid out for white water rafting. When I was here this particular day, a number of kids were jumping into the water, supervised, of course, and swimming downstream to the near shore. This was part of a summer day camp program.

And I finish with this July shot of a Prowler car, with the decor of a real estate office. One doesn't see this type of car around often.


  1. Great pictures, William, as always.

  2. The Greek embassy looks a bit modest ! The quotes are nice, lol !

  3. Nice serie to start my new visits to Ottawa here, William. Good to see you are still blogging!
    I love that shot of white water rafting course. Must be fun during a summer like this one.

  4. Nice signs and I like the Prowler car!

  5. That is a lot of great photos. It would be so delightful to see campers jumping in the river and swimming downstream.


  6. ...I don't see many Prowlers. they were only made from 1997 to 2002.

  7. those jokes are hilarious!! ha. ha!! lol! i agree with Tom, u don't see Prowlers any more. way cool. ( :

  8. "This Canadian military engineer regiment had displays out."

    Surprised to see photo of the military guys. I don't think of Canada in military terms. I imagine mounties (is that what they are called? The guys with the red coats and tall hats) not commandos.

  9. @Catalyst: thank you!

    @Linda: so do I.

    @Gattina: it's a lovely building inside.

    @Jan: the kids I saw that day seemed to be having fun.

    @Nancy: it's quite a car.

    @Janis: they were closely supervised.

    @Tom: I imagine there are only a handful in the Ottawa area, including this one.

    @Beth: it's a sports car that rather appeals to me, though it does seem to be quite low to the ground.

    @Sandi: in this case, the tall hats you're thinking of are the Ceremonial Guards, who are actually from the military, they just do that in the summer. We do have an active military, we just don't make a lot of fuss about it.

  10. Gosto de ver estes sinais na rua.
    Gostei do carro Prowler.
    Um abraço e continuação de boa semana.

    Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa

  11. I did think your mother-in-law was visiting, but now I see it was a sign about MILs who I guess are universally unappreciated. :-)

  12. I don't even know what a prowler (car) is...but those signs give me a chuckle.

  13. The signs are hilarious. Your post title was a little confusing until I squinted a bit and read them!

  14. Lots of odds and ends today. Ottawa is a very interesting place to visit and if you have your eyes open lots of good photo opportunities.

  15. What a nice variety! I love the signs.

  16. It took me awhile to figure out the mother in law connection! Love all the signs. Very clever.

  17. @Francisco: thank you!

    @DJan: when I was deciding on the title for this post, that sign stuck out to me.

    @Janey: me too.

    @Norma: I couldn't resist.

    @Red: I do end up seeing a lot.

    @Sharon: those two particular signs often change.

    @Jeanie: that they are.

  18. Love the variety, especially the signs.

  19. Informative photos ~ 'mother-in-laws' always get a bad rapt ~ oh well.

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores

  20. What a great mix of photographs here …
    Happy Thursday to you.

    All the best Jan

  21. An interesting series of pics, William!

  22. @Marie: thanks!

    @Carol: that's true!

    @Lady Fi: yes they are.

    @Jan: thanks!

    @RedPat: I do like to mix things up a bit.

  23. Love the variety of your photos especially the signs, William.

  24. Super series of diverse shots William, the signs made me smile 😀

  25. Cool pumping station! Here's my fave:

  26. The Prowler car is a beauty.
    Interesting post.

  27. These are really fun! Good for you for getting out and about. I might have inertia the next few days!!!

  28. Brilliant quotes and very humorous. Thoroughly enjoyed your photos again, thanks William.

  29. @Marleen: so do I.

    @Bill: thanks!

    @Eve: that they are.

    @Grace: me too.

    @Cloudia: thanks!

    @Klara: thank you!

    @Jennifer: thanks!

    @Denise: you're welcome.