Friday, August 3, 2018

Illumination And The Street Fair

Today I am beginning a series on Glowfair, a street festival in mid-June that has been taking place here in Ottawa for the last few years. A section of Bank Street downtown gets shut down over the Friday and Saturday of one weekend, with art, music, buskers, educational displays, and other activities offered along the section. I photographed extensively, and while most of my shots were taken in the evenings, not all of them were. Rather than go chronologically, I'm going thematically, so you'll note different light in the sky during these posts.

A large wall had already been painted for the occasion.

Exercise classes- yoga or stationary biking, as you see below, were regularly being held throughout the weekend.

The Canada Science And Technology Museum, which I have mentioned in passing (and haven't yet visited in all the time I've been here) had a tent set up with some activities. A video camera with thermal viewing settings was set up; I'm on the screen at the left side of the shot. They also had a ball of coloured light.

During the day, a chess game was set up outside one of the shops (which sells board games) with oversized chess pieces for people to play games with.

This was set up for photo ops.

A section of the street had been set up with flooring for rollerskating. It was busy quite often when I passed through.

Planet Botanix is a wellness shop along this stretch of Bank Street, and outside their doors they had palm reading and fortune telling tables set up. I thought some of the paraphenalia made for an interesting composition.

These were set up from a framework on the street, and were quite popular throughout the event for photo ops. I'll have more of them to come.

Another popular photo op spot were these trees- artificial, of course- illuminated with various lights. 


  1. Great festival - it looks as if there is something there for all ages to enjoy.

  2. I love festivals, get to take lots of pictures! Fun place to visit.

  3. Looks like a super festival with plenty of different things to see and do:)

  4. Nice street festival with so many interesting activities.
    Love the mural! Have a nice weekend William

  5. ...what a festive time. Were they dancing in the street?

  6. Looks like a great event, William !

  7. I thinm I would feel funny riding a staionary bike in the street. :)

    Cool chairs!

    Beautiful blue lit trees!

    Blessings, William.

  8. wow, so much going on. art and all ... what fun!! ( ;

  9. Hello, looks like a fun event. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  10. Such an interesting street fair. Love the art n the first photo.

  11. @Bill: it was!

    @Rosemary: there was a lot of different things going on.

    @Nancy: I got a lot of photos out of this.

    @Rosie: it was entertaining.

    @Sami: thank you!

    @Tom: in a manner of speaking- there was house music, which results in one kind of dance, as well as something I'll have later in the series that is, well, a bit more risque.

    @Karl: I've enjoyed this event as it's unfolded in the last few years.

    @Sandi: I didn't try it, but those stationary bikes were in demand when they were doing sessions.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Beth: it's a whole mix.

    @Eileen: it was.

    @Marie: and there's a lot more art to come.

  12. Pedestrian streets are the best, even if they are only temporary.


  13. There is so much going on in Ottawa and you seem to get to it all!

  14. Your photos bring home summer!
    The swan on a pool would be wonderful.

  15. So many photo ops here William, looks like lots of fun. Love the mural in first shot! Happy weekend ✨

  16. My goodness, the variety of things to see is amazing.

  17. What a marvelous street fair and well captured!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  18. @Janis: this event is a lot of fun.

    @RedPat: I get to a lot!

    @Jennifer: it is quite a time of year.

    @Maywyn: it was a good size. At one point I crossed by and two people were posing on it.

    @Grace: and more of that to come. I watched artists at work during this event, and photographed a good amount of the process.

    @Red: it is!

    @Sharon: and ironically in Canada, Ottawa gets a reputation as being a dull place.

    @Carol: thank you!

  19. Looks like a fun event!! The hanging chairs are definitely something I'd stop for!

  20. Street fairs are fun events to attend. Looks like it was enjoyed by lots of people.

  21. This must have been a lot of fun. You captured it beautifully.

  22. Seems to be something for everybody.

  23. I love this festival! I would be there in a flash if I lived nearby. Nice variety of physical activities to enjoy, too. :-)

  24. This looks like so much fun! What a great event!

  25. I was in Ottawa once when we went on a river cruise down the Ottawa River. We had such a great time and met the nicest people. Wish I could go back again

  26. I wonder about how much Ottawa news I MISS. Well done.

  27. I would be there in a heartbreak.

  28. What a good looking festival this looks, great pictures.

    All the best Jan

  29. @Jenn: it was fun to attend.

    @Bill: people enjoyed it.

    @Denise: I managed to get a lot of photography in.

    @Fun60: there was quite a mix.

    @DJan: it's well put together.

    @Norma: it was.

    @Kay: definitely.

    @Glenda: it's a good city to live in.

    @Jennifer: I don't recall if this got coverage in the Citizen.

    @Jeanie: I had a blast.

    @Jan: thanks!