Wednesday, August 1, 2018

City Daily Photo Theme Day: Music

The first day of the month is a theme day for members of City Daily Photo, and in this particular case, the theme is Music. Have a look at how others are interpreting that theme here.

My take on this theme is from February, during Winterlude. On the weekends in Confederation Park during the festival, concerts are held in the evenings with a mix of musicians. I was passing by the park on one of those evenings when I heard the music, and decided to come over and take it in. Canadian country singer Aaron Pritchett was on stage with his band, performing amid the cold and the falling snow for a good crowd. Rather than the cowboy hats you might expect out of country musicians, the group by and large wore toques. Cold it might have been, but it was a fun time.

Have a close look at the front of the stage- the Ice Hogs, the mascots of Winterlude, had come on in at the front of the crowd. They can also be seen in another of the following shots, dancing to the music.


  1. It must have been a very entertaining night at the concert.

  2. Sounds that you had a wonderful time in music!

  3. That's nice, I hope the music was good !

  4. Ich Hoffe es war ein unterhaltsamer Abend.


  5. Gosto destes espectáculos musicais ao ar livre.
    Um abraço e continuação de boa semana.

    Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa
    O prazer dos livros

  6. The photos are great, but this looks like a concert that would be a little much for me to handle.


  7. People in northern climes don’t let the bitter cold keep them from having a good time. Something I have always admired. Great photos William!

  8. bokeh, had to google it ...'cause i couldn't remember how to spell it ... awesome!! way cool. great shots. ( :

  9. or make that cold advent.

  10. Great festival of music! Happy August, William. :-)

  11. @Nancy: he had a good stage presence, even in the cold.

    @Weekend Windup: it was colder than a usual concert!

    @Gattina: it was. I was familiar with some of his music through radio, though I have stopped listening to the radio years ago (it was more the ads and incessant chatter of DJs that did it, on pretty much any genre). He did a terrific cover of The Weight, by The Band, which I'm surprised I knew the lyrics to, because the song was before my time.

    @Noke: thank you!

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Janis: I found it fine. Though your southern-ness might not be able to deal with the temperatures!

    @Denise: Winterlude is a fun celebration.

    @Beth: that's the effect!

    @Tom: emphasis on cold!

    @DJan: thank you!

  12. I am sure you had a good time despite the cold!!

  13. Looks like a hot time in the winter cold.

  14. Were you out there dancing with the crowds? Live music is always fun.

  15. @Marie: it does!

    @Jennifer: Winterlude is a grand event.

    @Catarina: I did!

    @Red: people were enjoying themselves.

    @Sharon: I enjoyed it. I sang along with a good part of the crowd with that one song. It's actually the first time I've been at a country music concert- I have been to concerts for a Canadian band called the Rankins, who do get some airtime in country stations, but I consider them to be folk-Celtic as opposed to country.

    @MB: it was entertaining!

  16. Hope the music and lights kept the audience warm:)

  17. Love the lights and colours in these photos. I can feeeeel the music!

  18. Music warms the soul, looks like a grand time. Wonderful photos and perfect for the theme.

  19. Nice pictures
    Outdoor music is like having a picnic any time of the year.

  20. Rockin' music is a great way to warm up an evening.

  21. @Rosie: after awhile you don't really notice the cold.

    @Jenn: it was an ideal occasion for the theme, so I left it to now.

    @RedPat: it was!

    @Bill: thank you!

    @Maywyn: that's true.

    @Kay: I quite agree.

  22. as someone commented; music can warm things up. nice to see that people were not discouraged by weather to come.

  23. Music in the winter helps keep the winter doldrums away!

  24. Incroyable energy in these images William, nice work, perfect for the theme!

  25. Looks like a good time!
    So colourful too!

    All the best Jan

  26. Fun musician shots! Colorful!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  27. I think it can be very difficult to get good night shots of musicians. Nice job!

  28. Certainly fits the theme, but I think all those lights would have given me a headache. Must have made it harder to get the photos, too.

  29. @Klara: Ottawans are a hardy lot when it comes to winter, so we'll come out for an event like this.

    @Kate: it does!

    @Linda: indeed.

    @Grace: thanks!

    @Jan: it was fun.

    @Carol: thank you!

    @Jeanie: I enjoyed it.

    @Barbara: it did pose a challenge. I think I took more than a hundred shots in all, and chose the ones that I liked most.