Saturday, August 18, 2018


Aerial Antics took part in Buskerfest as well; I showed their Glowfair appearance in a post earlier in the month. A local group, they specialize in vertical theatre, using hoops and cloth suspended from above. Their clothing, equipment, and makeup combines with UV lighting to create an ethereal effect at night. Their act for Buskerfest featured one of their number playing the part of an alien, putting antennae on the other members over the course of the act as a mind control technique- much to the displeasure of the host. Here we have a couple of shots of them during an evening performance.

The following evening, with light still in the sky, I took in another performance from the troupe. The host is at left- wearing a tin foil hat to protect her from alien mind control.

The 'alien' was wearing a full green body suit, looking like what you'd expect out of the proverbial little green men, running about during the acts, putting mind control antennae on anyone in sight, and getting occasionally chased off by the host when she would start climbing. She already had most of the group under her control in what was a funny routine. One of the other group members was up high on the apparatus, showing her skills.


  1. This is another great entertainment for the people to enjoy!

  2. ...and the festive excitement of Ottawa continues.

  3. Hello, it does look like a fun street festival. Fun photos. Enjoy your day and weekend!

  4. I find aerial acts difficult to watch.

  5. Schön so ein Straßenfest.


  6. i bet it is sort of (like or) feels like fly? neat-O!! ( ;

  7. Looks like fun. I enjoyed your pictures. :-)

  8. They make it look so easy but I bet it's not .. super shots William ✨

  9. These are pretty sophisticated street performers!

  10. These costumes are really cool as they add a flowing effect.

  11. @Nancy: it's fun to watch.

    @Tom: and yet Ottawa has a reputation for being boring. I don't agree with that assessment.

    @Eileen: it is quite enjoyable.

    @Marie: would it be the heights that bother you, or the idea that someone might fall?

    @Noke: thank you!

    @Beth: they're very skilled.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @DJan: I enjoy showing them.

    @Grace: as easy as it may look, it surely takes a lot of practice.

    @RedPat: and a lot of it!

    @Sharon: they know their stuff.

    @Red: the glowing effect is cool too.

  12. Talent and flexibility is a must and these people have it. Very entertaining to see, William.
    Nice photos!

  13. Do you even rest from festivals and shows in Ottawa?

  14. I would have loved to see that performance!

  15. It must be really fun to watch. I would love to go see the evening performance!

  16. This seems scary to me somehow, but I bet in-person it was fantastic!

  17. @Fun60: true!

    @Bill: thanks!

    @Klara: there are events, particularly in summer, that I just don't even cover, like the music festivals. Too many of them, too little time.

    @Michelle: it was fun!

    @Shammickite: they were good.

    @Tamago: I enjoyed both takes.

    @Linda: so did I.

    @Sandi: it was a whole lot of fun.

  18. Art thrives with practitioners and audiences like that!🎈

  19. Dynamic aerials and neat shots!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  20. You guys really support your buskers, that is very cool.
    Nice photos William! As always, even better when enlarged.

  21. I do enjoy watching aerial acts.
    This looks a fun event.

    All the best Jan