Thursday, February 6, 2020

Winter Vantages In Guelph

Today I start with three shots taken on three different days in Guelph, at roughly the same spot. There is a wetland area neighbouring the retirement home where my father lives.

Railroads run through the city. This first view looks northwest from a spot near Woolwich and Speedvale.

And this looks southeast along the same track, back to where I was in the above shot. Woodlawn Cemetery is the area at left. A newer portion of the cemetery is actually along the right hand side of the track.

The Speed River, downslope from my father's home, stays open all winter, and so Canada geese remain here through the season, coming up from the river on a regular basis, such as with these four seen from the living room window.

I was awake early enough on a couple of days to get dawn views.

I headed into the nearby Riverside Park for a walk. The bandstand is quiet through the winter.

The river keeps flowing. There are signs that beavers are in the area, with the odd tree that's been gnawed on.

A pedestrian bridge crosses the Speed River in the park. This view looks upstream.

And this looks downstream.

Further downstream in the park, a windmill stands alongside the river.


  1. I like Guelph.
    I am planning to go back to visit the Cathedral.

  2. ...I've never been to Guelph, It looks great in all seasons. Perhaps I would make my first visit in summer.

  3. WoW - Check That Out - Cold, Gloomy, But That Windmill Keeps On Turning - Stay Strong Brother Man


  4. William - "cool" winter views. What's the story behind the windmill?

  5. Thank you for my first photographic introduction to Guelph. When I was very young "Auntie Betty in Canada" always sent us little presents. Now I know what Guelph looks like, thank you!

  6. Enjoyed seeing the winter photos of Guelph, and it looks as if you have less snow this year too.

  7. Nice to see snow pictures again.

  8. It looks rather white overthere, must be cold!

  9. Hello, lovely collection of photos. I like the view of the river and sky at dawn. The windmill is cute.
    Have a happy day!

  10. You caught two lovely dawn pics William, loved the windmill shot. Did the river freeze over at any point, or not cold enough?

  11. That dawn is amazing, especially the one with the dark.

    Does the windmill power something?

  12. I like your shots of the river.
    That looks like a Dutch windmill, it's beautiful.

  13. Those railroad tracks look used, rather than old relics. And I too like that windmill.

  14. I enjoyed dawn, and the railroad cutting through the cemetery...won't those newly interred feel like they are somehow on the other side of the tracks! Of course by having the tracks there first, and adding cemetery property on the other side, they might be considered to be moving to the better side.

  15. Always interesting to roam around a different town.

  16. @Catarina: I like it too. Tomorrow and the next day will be at the basilica. Though I didn't get inside.

    @Tom: you'll enjoy the visit.

    @Padre: well, in this case I think that windmill is chained down for the winter.

    @Iris: I thought so too.

    @Angie: I think it's just decorative.

    @Peter: you're welcome.

    @Rosemary: that area does have less snow.

    @Nancy: snow is a very good thing.

    @Marianne: here it's colder.

    @Eileen: thank you!

    @Grace: apparently in the city the river doesn't freeze over. It might not get quite cold enough, but I suspect the current is just enough and the water is shallow enough, and that prevents a freeze over.

    @Sandi: no, purely decorative.

    @Jan: there's a fair amount of Dutch people living in that part of the province.

    @DJan: I know I've seen trains on those tracks a couple of times during my visit.

    @Barbara: that makes you wonder!

    @RedPat: so do I.

    @Red: that it is.

  17. You can tell from these shots that winter has set in.

  18. Beautiful sceneries. There is something about railroad that brings nostalgia. Love the windmill :-)

  19. enjoy the water views, wind mill and train tracks shots. have a great rest of your week. ( ;

  20. Pewter, Silver and Magic, William! Most enjoyable to me

  21. This is a lovely series of photos.

  22. @Sharon: it did.

    @Tamago: it's a good windmill.

    @Beth: thank you.

    @Marie: thanks!

    @CLoudia: thanks

    @Denise: a pleasure to show them.

  23. It looks like your father’s retirement home is in a peaceful area. Is he able to get out and enjoy the surroundings, William?

  24. Lovely photos. Like the railroad tracks.

  25. Beavers? I've never seen beavers in the wild. That looks like a beautiful river.

  26. Neat post. I especially like the dawn photos.

  27. @Beatrice: in winter he confines himself to walking indoors.

    @Happyone: thank you.

    @Maywyn: thanks.

    @Joanne: you're welcome.

    @Kay: I have seen them in the wild.

    @Linda: thank you.

  28. Great wintry shots ~ love the windmill ~

    Happy Moments to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  29. Such serene photos, I really miss proper winters with snow, these photos of yours are such a beautiful reminder of how beautiful the snow-scapes can be.