Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Odds And Ends

Today and tomorrow I have some odds and ends shots from the last few months. I start with a couple of views of a church in Westboro, taken at the beginning of February. Two churches share the building: All Saints Anglican Church and First United Church.

On an early February day coming off the Rideau Canal at Lansdowne Park, I photographed this LED banner with changing signage. The quote was much needed: this was the first few days of the occupation by the infernal band of misguided nitwits and white supremacists otherwise called the trucker convoy.

A short walk beyond, the Aberdeen Pavilion stands in the heart of Lansdowne. Beyond it is the stadium, quiet on that day, but soccer has already started its season, and the CFL begins its preseason later this month.

Later in February I crossed the Alexandra Bridge into Gatineau. The frozen Ottawa River below is still not something I would walk across; the river is treacherous, and there's open water upstream.

I had decided that day to pass through to return to Ottawa by the next upstream bridge. My route took me past the Canadian Museum of History. The architecture always appeals to me.

In between the two wings of the Museum, this view across the river is an iconic one looking towards Parliament Hill.

A bit of history along the way, in the form of an old plaque. When the museum was built here, much of the industrial buildings on site went. An exception is still present: a digester tower, seen in the background.

My path took me back to the Portage Bridge. There I looked back and photographed parts of the Portage complex, a series of government office buildings.

The same church I started with in this post, but on a different day. On the first of March I was back in Westboro.

Some days later I was on the viewing platform at the Alexandra Bridge and decided to photograph down towards the river itself for an abstract sort of shot.

And then I looked up, concentrating mostly on the ice, but taking in part of the Gatineau skyline, including the exhibition wing of the Museum of History.


  1. An interesting assemblage of rather chilly photos. Always worth looking back and finding those pictures still lurking on the memory card.

  2. The snow adds a chilly feel to your photos. I like the Canadian Museum of history building.

  3. We can still see remains of snow somewhere here too...

  4. That church is wonderful in combination with the snow.

  5. The Canadian Museum of History never fails to impress me.

  6. The frozen Ottawa River is sublime.

  7. At least you have different churches ! Here they are all the same only catholic churches nothing else. Old and maybe a few new once which look less imposing. Other religions exists but not much and they have their service in private houses. I don't know any protestant church !

  8. Hello,
    I like the church and museum, wonderful series of photos. Take care, have a great day!

  9. @Cloudia: thank you.

    @John: I think so.

    @fun60: me too.

    @Italiafinlandia: now it's all gone.

    @Jan: I like its architecture.

    @Francisco: thanks.

    @David: I can relate.

    @Gemel: it is.

    @Gattina: we do have a mix.

    @Eileen: thank you.

  10. is tough, but so are you are great words to remember.

  11. A interesting looking church or churches in that first shot.

  12. That museum is architecturally appealing.

  13. The church looks wonderful in the snow.

  14. Beautiful captures but the one with the sun flares is my favourite!

  15. The churches are niice. Sharing them between two congregations must be interesting.

  16. Very interesting blog with so amazing pictures !!!

  17. I like the red trim in the first picture.

  18. That church is so pretty in the snow. I love the quote -- Life is tough, but so are you. I need to remember that one.

  19. Buenos recorridos has hecho.
    Muy bellas fotografías.

  20. Thanks. I hope your snow is gone by now.

  21. @Tom: it's a good saying.

    @Marie: I think so.

    @Anvilcloud: very much so.

    @RedPat: definitely.

    @magiceye: thanks.

  22. @Bill: it can work that way. You just have to sort schedules.

    @Mystelios: thank you.

    @happyone: me too.

    @Jeanie: I really liked it.

    @Ventana: thank you.

    @Joanne: long gone.

  23. Thanks for sharing your walk. The church is particularly charming!