Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Odds And Ends In A Canadian Landscape

I have some odds and ends today from the last few months. I start with a building project out on Lebreton Flats, where the new main branch of the Ottawa Public Library is being built. From time to time as I pass by, I document how things are going. 

This is a joint project with Library and Archives Canada, which will also have space in the building. This first shot was taken in mid-October. 

And this was taken in late November.

In November, a colleague and friend was on a trip in Alberta and sent me these three shots from the Canadian Rockies. This first one was at Lake Louise, where he went out on the ice. You can see people out there.

It's been too long since I was in those mountains.

Back in Ottawa. I took this shot in early December from the terrace at the National Arts Centre, looking across to the Government Conference Centre and the Chateau Laurier on the opposite side of the Rideau Canal.

On another December day, I took this shot of the Supreme Court of Canada in the snow.

This shot was taken at the tail end of our first good snowstorm of the season, some nights later.

The following morning, someone had made a snowman.

A few days later and on a sunny day, I took another shot of the Supreme Court.

My last shots of the year were taken at Lansdowne Park on New Year's Eve, where they were hosting a Scottish style party to close out the year. This shot was taken inside the Aberdeen Pavilion, the main location of the party, which was well attended. The pipes were getting ready.

Over in the Horticulture Building, there were activities for families.

And when things really got underway, the music inside the Pavilion for the evening was a mix of folk, Celtic, and rock.


  1. Beautiful snowy images. It must be very cold over there. Our weather here is getting warmer.

  2. I have seen Lake Louise on TV many times when following the ski World Cup.

  3. Schön die Bilder vom Winter mit Schnee und Eis aber ich warte schon auf den Frühling.


  4. Thank you for your photo series. I like the ones of the mountains the most. I have never seen a mountain in my life, only high hills. It seems great to see mountains at least once in my life. I also find the snow photos beautiful. But of course it had a dark side: snowed in, too cold.

    Greetings out of a very rainy Holland

  5. Thank goodness the tar sands are not below Lake Louise or we'd be desecrating it.

  6. Hello,
    I would love to visit Lake Louise area! The snowman is cute. Take care, have a happy day!

    1. One of the most picturesque spots in the country.

  7. Great variety in this post. Love every shot!

  8. I find this potpourri of images beautiful and fascinating. Never having been to the mountains -- wow. Majestic. And I would love that Scottish festival as well. That image of the National Arts Centre is a gem.

  9. I miss the downtown action, but not the people! I guess I am a hermit these days.
    I really liked the building construction. It fascinates me. Lake Louise is amazing.
    (ツ) from Jenn Jilks , ON, Canada!

  10. That snowy picture of the Supreme Court really strikes me.

  11. Love that clear night shot, William.

  12. The Canadian landscape is beautiful!!

  13. Great photos!
    I especially like the mountain scenes.
    Have a blessed day!

  14. Lake Louise is wonderful, but your photo of that snow street at night (nr 8) is my favorite

  15. Lovely collection, I think my favorite is the snowy shot of Supreme Court building.

  16. Snow makes everything look so pretty.

  17. Canada is very beautiful ~ love the little snow man and always enjoy bag pipe players ~

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  18. Es un gran país y dotado de gran belleza.

  19. ...Ottawa is a gorgeous city in every season.

  20. Snow scenes are superb, and the bands look so dazzling

  21. You live in such a beautiful place, landscapes and buildings all wonderful. I love snowmen and this one has heart shaped sunglasses 😎

  22. I enjoyed the mix of photographs.
    The snowman made me smile :)

    All the best Jan

  23. I think the first Supreme Court building photo was my favourite this time round.

  24. Loved the snowy mountain photos. A fabulous selection of odds and ends.