Sunday, February 26, 2023

Odds And Ends Around The City

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I have some odds and ends from the last few weeks today. This first one is from the beginning of the month, taken in Westboro, where there was a lot of snow around this church that is home to two congregations: All Saints Anglican and First United.

This fellow is downtown, one of the lion sentinels around the building that houses postal offices.

At Lansdowne Park, I was at the farmers market one day. These dogs caught my eye.

This is the stadium at the park, with the field dormant this time of year- though the people who do the snow clearing also clear an oval of snow around the field.

Here we have the National Aboriginal Veterans Monument downtown in Confederation Park, honouring indigenous veterans.

Ottawa City Hall has a large outdoor rink. In a winter that has not included skating on the Canal, this has been a refuge for skaters.

Dundonald Park is close to home, and buried in snow when I took this shot one morning.

That same day I noticed someone else on the street taking photos looking up. The contrast of these buildings with the blue sky appealed to me, so I took my own shots.

On Valentine's Day I passed by the Supreme Court. The Canadian flag at left is always present. At right is the flag of the Court, which flies when they're in session.

A short walk on is the next building over- the headquarters of Library and Archives Canada. This artistic bench stands outside. Someone had added felt flowers to the mix for the day.

And lastly, these two shots, taken a few days ago on Family Day, a provincial holiday. I was at Lansdowne for an Ottawa 67s game. So too were a number of costumed people.


  1. Great monument! I can see the bear and wolf, with an eagle over the top. Are the animals displaying ex-servicemen's bravery, fierceness, anger or loss? When was it designed?

    1. There are five animals and four indigenous warriors. The eagle, wolf, bear, elk, and bison are a part of the culture of multiple tribes. So there is a lot of symbolism in the monument.

  2. I check trapped comments in the folders daily. The spammer comments come through beautifully but not the real genuine ones. The sculptures and monuments are covered sketchily by snow. Looking very good.

  3. Love that bench. Happy Sunday, William!

  4. I love the flower on the statues at the bench.

  5. Good to see all those places, that I have come to know here over the years, in the snow again..

  6. Blogger's greatest achievement of late is sending my own reply to a comment to Spam.

  7. William, I never find any in my SPAM folder, yet comments get lost!
    I checked both accounts I have...
    Your Henry-Cousin looks proud again.
    You should see our "Christmas rink", you would laugh.
    Nice couple.

  8. Great collection of photos. I love the bench with the sculptures. The scene with the snow and church is pretty.
    Love the cute dog! Take care, have a great day and a happy new week.

  9. ...some of the sights I remember.

  10. It sure looks like winter there. Too bad about the canal skating.

  11. Wow! Wonderful series of photos ~ favorite is the snow covered church ~

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  12. You are my one blogger friend who most regularly gets put into my spam folder. I do see them all, even if others don’t.

  13. What a fun spin around town from the comfort of my warm house. That church looks almost buried in snow.

  14. Loving especially the adorable pup and seeing that we share the same kind of snowy weather walks. Your city is pretty even in a touch of snow everywhere too! Enjoy your weekend!

  15. Love the bench with the statues.

  16. Se nota que las casas, de la primera fotografía, están preparadas para recibir la nieve. La inclinación de sus tejados, hace que se vaya resbalando hasta llegar al suelo.

  17. You will be happy when Spring comes and the snow is gone. I have comments going to spam every day, I don't know why blogger thinks they are fake.

  18. I always enjoy your odds and ends. They really show the personality of your city.