Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Welcome Arrival In Chinatown

The other day over at Victoria Daily Photo, Ben Madison added this post of a dramatic entry gate in his hometown's Chinatown area. It reminded me of a photo I took of the Chinatown gate here in Ottawa a year ago. This appeared in my writer's blog while I was musing the idea of starting up a photoblog. The gate has been there several years now, and is quite colourful, fitting the area well.


  1. Nice gate! I've been to Chinatown in Washington DC and also to the one in New York City. They are visually stimulating, and also full of sounds and smells. Fun!

  2. Very cool. It's nice to have an uncluttered background for capturing it.

  3. Lovely! There is a similar one in DC.

  4. We have no Chinatown in Portland. Great cuisine though.

  5. I love these gates. I've seen many of them from around the world in different cities.

  6. We have a lot of Chinese, but not a Chinatown...

  7. We have a lot of Chinese tourists... Perhaps you'll show us details? It's striking!

  8. Nice shot ! They are all different aren't they ? Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  9. @Linda: our Chinatown is filled with similar sights.

    @Cloudia: thank you!

    @Suart: it is, yes.

    @Elaine: I think so!

    @Revrunner: it's a nice addition to the area.

    @Luis: I'll have to see that one someday.

    @Tex: it certainly does draw the eye.

    @Birdman: I have to be careful with Chinese food, but there are some things I do like.

    @Sharon: they have real character.

    @VP: I wonder if it's a North American thing.

    @Ciel: I'll definitely have to get up there and photograph it again.

    @Country Gal: thank you!

  10. Nice - I have yet to shoot the one out on Gerrard St here - must get out there one day!

  11. Wonderful picture, it is a very interesting photo. We have something similar in downtown DC, and the only other one I have seen was when we visited Los Angeles many years ago.

  12. How interesting! I didn't even know Ottawa had a Chinatown!

  13. @RedPat: you should!

    @Linda: it is a good standout for the area.

    @Judy: I certainly think so!

    @Chieftess: thank you!

    @Denise: I wonder how many others like this are out there.

    @Cheryl: Oh, yes, it's a very well established neighbourhood that's been there for many decades.

  14. That's a great gate! Would be nice to see some of the rich details in close-up.
    In Drachten we don't have Chinatown, but we do have about four Chinese restaurants.

  15. I've been to Chinatown in DC and New York. This is cool.

  16. It certainly lets you know you are there.

  17. I like it. We used to have something similar in Seattle's Chinatown. I haven't been there for a long long time----even to Seattle for that matter. I hope it's still there.

  18. Yes many towns have such entries to their Chinese neighbourhood. Here we have them too.

  19. I have to confess I didn't know Ottawa has a Chinatown.

  20. Interesting, William! Even I didn't know that Ottawa has a Chinatown!
    Beautiful gate!
    The only Chinatown that I visited was in Kobe.

  21. Very impressive entrance William, you've got me wondering if there's a gate to our China Town.. will have to check it out :)

  22. Just saw a similar gate in Washington, DC.

  23. This reminds me of the huge red gate on the Chinese border at the Himalayan foothill coming from Nepal. Imagine such a thing in the middle of nothing! :-)

  24. @Jan: here it's well established.

    @Beth: quite so.

    @Norma: it is.

    @Mari: it does.

    @MB: I imagine it would be.

    @Marianne: that doesn't surprise me.

  25. @EG: it is a thriving neighbourhood.

    @Karl: there are a lot of them in cities.

    @Grace: it wouldn't surprise me.

    @Jennifer: it is.

    @Joan: that fits.

    @Jose: I can see that.