Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hints Of Winter

Something from the archives today, and a harbinger perhaps of an early winter (yay!). This is from early December 2012. I think it's the Bonnechere River here in Eastern Ontario, but I was with friends, and we visited a number of places that particular day. Doesn't that snow and cold river look inviting?

In stark contrast, last evening brought the news of the death of Robin Williams. A great comedian, and an extraordinary actor. The world's become darker with him gone. I will be posting something in my writer's blog for Wednesday, so keep an eye out for that tomorrow. This editorial cartoon was one of the first to show up yesterday evening. It's by David Fitzsimmons. No doubt many more will follow.


  1. I have enjoyed seeing many movies featuring Robin Williams, even remember him from a long time ago in Mork and Mindy. Sad to hear that he's gone.

  2. Yes, it does look inviting!

    Oh no. You've just broken the news for me, I didn't know. Loved the man and yes, I remember watching Mork and Mindy as a child...

  3. I was shocked to hear that on the way to work thismoring RIP Robin

  4. leaving it to you, my winter loving buddy to be looking forward to winter ;)
    It is so sad about Robin Williams...

  5. WINTER ? William bite your tongue Mr lol not yet !!! Yikes ! Oh my I liked Robin Williams I haven't heard this till now ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. Robin Williams was the greatest. he was so cool!! his comedy & humor was beyond funny! ( :

  7. Are you seriously looking forward to winter? Nah...

    Mr. Williams was a serious comedian and brought lots of joy to many folks. He will be sorely missed!

  8. That top shot is fantastic...like a painting.
    Now you've mentioned THAT word ,I need a lie down.
    Jane x

  9. Love the winter shot William.. you would have hated a Perth winter, even I feel cheated :) So very sad about Robin Williams, hard to understand, so many wonderful movies to remember him by.. I'm watching Mrs Doubtfire as I type :(

  10. I'm seeing the leaves change around here already. Yes, the world is a darker place when good people leave so suddenly. I'll miss him. Deb

  11. @Norma: snow is a good thing!

    @Marleen: I suspect in the next few days lots of people will be watching lots of his movies.

    @Ciel: it was Norma who broke the news to me by email.

    @Bill: I certainly didn't expect it.

    @HIlary: winter's a wonderful thing.

    @Country Gal: I look forward to the snow.

    @Beth: he will be missed.

    @Lowell: winter is my favourite season.

    @Jane and Chris: that word is a wonderful word!

    @Grace: I was watching clips from Dead Poet's Society last night.

    @Deb: And it is so sudden.

  12. Winter is NOT my favorite season!

  13. Not really looking forward Winter but very sad to hear about Robin Williams. I as well as many, remember Mork and Mindy and many of his movies. Great cartoon.

  14. Robin Williams was not my favorite actor, but I certainly did appreciate some of his movies. And his comedy was genius. It's hard to imagine why someone with so much success could take his own life? But I guess it's one of the mysteries of depression and mental illness... so sad.

  15. thanks for the cool-down as we're hitting 100s these days.

    for a great, funny man, he left us in a most sobering way.

  16. It was sad news indeed. I'm amazed that so many comedians are actually prone to depression. The funniest - like Williams - have a way of making a point in succinct ways.

  17. The loss of Robin Williams is so sad.

  18. The loss of Williams is a tragedy. As his wife said "Let's remember him for what he did not for how he died" (paraphrased).
    I will take Autumn before winter. Autumn here is usually beautiful--gorgeous colors, Indian Summer etc. but winter is rainy and gloomy. Usually no snow. Just send the pictures. MB

  19. Summer is getting serious here now, a couple of days of bad weather would be welcome!

  20. There are probably very few people in the world who don't know who Robbin Williams is.
    He will be greatly missed.

  21. I was very saddened to hear about Robin Williams' passing, especially the way his life ended. I do love winter, and that photo is refreshing!

  22. @Birdman: it is mine!

    @Luis: I'll have to get my piece for my writer's blog written up this evening.

    @Halcyon: depression can be completely overwhelming. I know that from experience.

    @Tex: it is a sad way to go.

    @EG: he was like a motormouth in standup.

    @Sharon: it really is.

    @MB: for his family, it's all the more so.

    @VP: I figured some people were having hot summers, so a cold shot might be just the trick.

    @Judy: in one of the morning papers here, the writer mentioned interviewing him once when he was in Toronto. He told Robin about meeting a Russian cabbie who had no idea who Robin Williams was. Robin broke out into laughter at that.

    @Linda: it was a wild river that day.

  23. Oh, no! Not snow! Not yet!!!

    I think everyone loved Robin Williams. So sad that he made everyone happy and yet was so unhappy himself.

  24. Althought winter can stay right where it is now, I really love that first photo. And the cartoon says it all. He'll make heaven even happier. I will miss him.

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  26. A warm and loving light has gone out of the world. I was greatly saddened to hear the news. I have enjoyed Robin Williams since he first appeared as Mork on Laverne and Shirley.

    There is a stark beauty in your photo.

  27. Robin Williams seemed to have touched everyone with his humour. He cheered up so many and it such a shame that he suffered so much.

  28. That first shot is glorious. Winter will be here soon enough; it doesn't need my applause to arrive.
    Robin Williams was a local boy for those of us from the S.F.Bay Area. His comedy was outrageous and his acting chops were fine. It's especially sad that his depression was so profound.

  29. @Cheryl: snow is a good thing!

    @Bibi: I'll miss him too.

    @Denise: thank you!

    @RedPat: there's been an outpouring of sorrow. I heard a story from Norma about how he lifted Chris Reeve out of depression after his accident.

    @Kay: he was like machine gunfire on stage, the way he'd do a performance.

  30. Only you would look forward to winter. I, like everyone else, was shocked yesterday.

  31. Oh, heck no! Winter can stay a long, long ways away :) And I was really torn up to hear about Robin's passing. He will definitely be missed.

  32. That's a great winter picture!
    If you look at the photos posted of Robin Williams, many show the far-away look of someone who's intelligent and also sad. That's one reason we admired his acting; there was really pathos there.

  33. I guess if you live in Ontario, it's important to like the winter! I'm watching the days shorter in France with regret.
    The Dead Poets' Society is among my favourite films.
    I learnt today that Robin Williams was a keen amateur cyclist, often attending the Tour de France alongside his mate Louis Armstrong.

  34. @Janis: thank you.

    @Mari: winter rules.

    @Meradeth: he still is.

    @Linda: that's true.

    @BDP: that doesn't surprise me.

    @Jennifer: but winter is a good thing.