Sunday, August 17, 2014

Laurentian Centre

I return today to the J.R Booth house, currently the Laurentian Centre, from my visit during Doors Open. You can find the original post here. This first view is from the south side of the house, with the trees nicely leafed out.

I should have posted this pic at the time. This column was at the base of the main staircase. I liked the craftmanship of the carving into the wood.


  1. What an ornate post! I would be very tempted to touch it.

  2. Wonderful carvings on that post William, like Linda I just want to touch it.

  3. Unusual to see carving of that sort in a house.

  4. I like all the trees. The wood carving is unusual in my experience. Of course, most houses that I see are of the "tract" variety. The only carving that goes on is by the guy who's taking a break and carving on a stick. ;)

  5. That's some decorative art. Amazing craftsmanship on display.

  6. Beautiful detail in that carved post.

  7. I wonder how long it took to carve? Is it worn at all?
    Jane x

  8. What a gorgeous and ornate column!

  9. Gorgeous wood carving. It would be costly to have this done these days.

  10. It's also looking good in the summer months. Love the wood carving.

  11. @Linda: so would I!

    @Denise: it was no doubt requested as such by Mr. Booth.

    @Revrunner: certainly these days, yes.

    @Lowell: quite true!

    @Marianne: you don't see that kind of craftmanship often today anymore.

    @Birdman: whoever did it did wonderful work.

    @EG: I thought so.

    @Tex: indeed.

    @Jane and Chris: not at all. Like the rest of the house, it's well taken care of.

    @Sharon: we are in agreement.

    @Linda: the carver should be proud.

    @East Coast: it definitely would.

    @Halcyon: thanks!

    @VP: I think so too.

  12. It's a lovely old house, I remember all the gorgeous wooden touches inside William.

  13. Love the carving on that post!

  14. Wonderful carving! Such a skill that is!

  15. Wood carvings and leafed out property add so much to this beauty!

  16. @Grace: it was a pleasure to show more of the place.

    @Norma: it's such good work.

    @RedPat: a skill beyond my capabilities too.

    @Greensboro: and it's been so well taken care of.

    @Cheryl: that seems to be the consensus.

  17. Such gorgeous carving! Those older buildings have such gorgeous detail and craftsmanship.

  18. That column definitely isn't mill work.

  19. Thank you for the looks!
    So reminds me of bohemian West Philadelphia in my formative years before such homes were re-discovered and gentrified. Idyllic living in such piles with piles of friends. . . time to create. . . . to fly and fail. The days before crushing college debt. . . .

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  20. That column is remarkable and completely original. I can't remember ever seeing one even remotely similar.

  21. @Kay: that they do.

    @Mari: not at all.

    @Cloudia: thanks!

    @Jennifer: indeed.

    @Jack: it's quite a sight.

    @Whisk: so do I.

  22. I worked in this beautiful building in 1978 to 1980. The wood carving in every room was a different wood and craftsman. Good memories working the bar in the evenings, just me and Joe the bartender.

    1. That must predate Trinity Western having a presence.