Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Musings Of A Canine

I've decided to spend the remainder of the week messing around with old pics and inserting memes into them. This handsome fellow was originally featured in this post.


  1. hahahahahahahahahaha Love this.
    I remember when you posted this photo of that sweet gud dug !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Haha!! Yes I have tried dog treats---a bit dry I say. MB

  3. How much can I get for that doggie in the . . . bazaar?

  4. I admit it.. I have had doggy chocs when desperate :)

  5. No, I haven't tried dog treats but my husband has. He told me not to bother. One of the few times I obeyed. :))

  6. I see the dog and cat have found their way over from your other blog! Hilarious!

  7. I never had a dog, but I know a few like this!

  8. @Parsnip: I figured you'd approve!

    @MB: particularly milkbones.

    @Luis: thanks!

    @Revrunner: there's a lyric I hadn't thought of!

    @Grace: hah!

    @EG: not so wise to try it, but wise enough to warn others!

  9. @Tex: thanks!

    @Country Gal: thank you.

    @Norma: yes, they're invading.

    @Linda: glad to amuse you!

    @VP: it's been a few years since I've had dogs around, but I like them.

  10. He does look a bit like Jerry Garcia.

  11. He looks like a dog that would enjoy poutine!

  12. I've never had poutine, so I'd be glad to share - he looks like he'd help clean up the plate.

  13. Very cute William, I love your additions to this delightful photograph.

  14. @Sharon: I did have to look up some of Jerry's music for the caption!

    @Judy: thanks!

    @Cheryl: I don't think poutine would be good for him.

    @Hamilton: but it's the finest in Canadian cuisine!

    @Denise: thank you.

    @Jane and Chris: I figured that would get a reaction!

  15. Funny ones! I'm not sharing my poutine though... ;-)

  16. actually i have tried dog treats by accident lol...i was a kid and my mom had gone grocery shopping while i was at school. i came home and started going through the bags she hadn't finished putting away when i pulled a bag of jerkey out and had a wasn't good and i told my mom, "this jerkey you bought is gross" and said "i didn't buy any jerkey" and i said "yeah, this bag right here" and took it to her and she said "that for the dog" lol...i said "i was wondering why it had a dog on it" lol...moral of the story, read the label!
    cute series!

  17. Perhaps you missed your calling as a meme-maker. (I tried to say memist but my computer says that's not a word.)

    Had to look up poutine. We don't have that in Virginia.

  18. @Ciel: well, since I love poutine, that's good!

    @Halcyon: I wouldn't!

    @RedPat: thanks!

    @Tanya: kids will be kids!

    @Linda: I do a fair bit of it now for my writer's blog. And poutine's a very Canadian thing to eat, but utterly delicious. Tourtiere is also a very Canadian thing, by the way.

  19. Well done! You've gotten the doggie spirit, too! (I've never had poutine, but I'd certainly like to try it!)

  20. Never tried dog treats. I kept looking for a comment about the muzzle control.

  21. I would love to split some poutine with that handsome dog! :)

  22. Now I could add some real stories that are even more bizarre

  23. This post is reminding me to smile more often!

  24. Dog treats are grab motivators!

  25. It is true. I have tried dog treats. In fact, I taste each batch that I bake for the girls.

  26. @Kay: poutine is great.

    @Mari: no muzzle control here!

    @Jen: he'd be good company over dinner.

    @Mo: I'd bet!

    @Janis: thanks!

    @Jennifer: I've tried it.

    @Cheri: thanks!

    @Blossom: thank you.

    @Kate: they are, yes.

    @Whisk: I've tried the store bought stuff. Yuck!