Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Power Of Protest

This being a government city, protests are common in Ottawa. Some confine themselves to Parliament Hill. Others march either from the Hill or to it. Such was the case on the 24th of April this year, when I took the shots for today and tomorrow. That date is considered the beginning of the Armenian genocide by Turkey in 1915, as on that date, Turkish forces detained over two hundred Armenian intellectuals and activists, setting off the dark chapter in Armenian history. This year was the 99th anniversary, and I happened to be downtown as the protest was heading east from Parliament Hill in the general direction of the Turkish embassy.


  1. Good infro/reporting; colorful pics!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  2. Wonderfully bright colors! Too bad it's commemorating something tragic.

  3. The genocides are still going on today in the Middle East.

  4. And those genocides go on and on in de world, will it ever stop?

  5. I have nothing against protests, as long as they stay constructive, but many result in violence and tragedy, and we don't need that.

  6. Thanks for showing this right now, when the world should be acting to prevent something like that from happening in Iraq.
    I wonder what new genocides the world will march about in another 99 years from now.
    Good that Canada officially recognizes the Armenian genocide. I wish my country could.

  7. It's hard to believe it will soon be 100 years since that happened. And it's also hard to believe that some people think this didn't really happen. I hope that in another 100 years no one denies what's happening in right now.

  8. @Cloudia: thank you.

    @Linda: very tragic indeed.

    @Andy: among other places, it seems.

    @Bieb: that's a question that can't be answered.

    @Linda: for the most part, protests here tend to stay calm.

    @Hilary: indeed.

    @Dina: humanity is capable of great things, but also terrible things.

    @EG: there are too many who refuse to believe it.

    @Tex: we are.

  9. 1915? A lot of hate and strife have been handed down through the years. But some events, such as the Holocaust and other genocidal atrocities must never be forgotten!

  10. A very important reminder William, these horrific events must never be forgotten. I only wish they would stop being repeated throughout our history.

  11. They had a good turn out for the march!

  12. Genocides everywhere, all the time... It's sickening.

  13. My complete sympathy to the Armenian marchers!

  14. Through protests and marching, we remember.

  15. @Lowell: they must not.

    @Denise: unfortunately they do.

    @Judy: yes, it was a large group.

    @Ciel: it is.

    @VP: they deserve it.

    @Greensboro: hopefully we do.

  16. Humanity never seems to change!

  17. A hundred years...and we still haven't learned from history.

  18. ..and history keeps repeating itself.

  19. There are a lot of Turkish people here in Berlin, but I haven't heard anything about this. No protests here, at least.

  20. This is one piece of history I learned from other sources, never in school. I grew up thinking the holocaust was unusual. How little I knew.

  21. @RedPat: it doesn't seem to.

    @Norma: we really haven't.

    @Marleen: Unfortunately, yes.

    @Halcyon: being closer to Turkey and Armenia, there might be concerns about flareups. Next April, keep an eye out on that date.

    @Kay: I learned of it from further reading on my own.

  22. I did know about this. I must have had a great education and didn't know it.
    Nice to see someone carrying the Canadian flag too.
    In America protest usually have riots that destroy business and property. Plus they burn building and shoot at firefighters and police.
    just terrific.

    cheers, parsnip