Monday, May 1, 2017

City Daily Photo Theme Day: Let's Eat

The first day of each month is always a theme day for members of City Daily Photo, and for May, that theme is Let's Eat. You can see how others are interpreting this theme here.

Di Rienzio's is a small grocery in Little Italy, running the store out of half of the ground floor of this quiet house. It's a busy place, though, one that sees a lot of foot traffic each day. It's been in business for over forty years, run now by two brothers, and a lot of their daily business comes from sandwiches, ready-made (I recommend the steak or chicken parmigiana) or done at the deli counter, and pasta to go. The store is an Ottawa institution that's been profiled in national newspapers.

3 Tarts is a bakery based out of the downtown core, and I can tell you their fare is very tasty.

This permanent location for Beavertails is down in the Byward Market. It was just about to open when I was down there a few days back. A Beavertail is a local tradition- a flat fried pastry, topped in various ways.

Stella Luna is in Old Ottawa South, specializing in gelato.

And just down the street is Life Of Pie, which moved over here from up the street last year into a space that allowed them to put tables in for dining. The shop specializes in dessert and dinner pies, as well as baked goods, and offers daily specials.


  1. I absolutely love seeing store fronts and restaurants, so I love this post, William! And I love the Beaver Tails facade the best!

  2. I love Italian food and I would definitely try out Di Rienzo.

  3. Such a quirky range of eating places. Adore the individuality of Beavertails.

  4. I would be drawn to Beaver Tails because of its striking red store! Have a beautiful day!

  5. Nice list of places to eat. I have never heard of a dish called beaver tails!

  6. ...lots of nice place to eat!

  7. Oatmeal buttermilk muffins? That's a new one on me.

  8. OMG, not a MacDonald's anywhere! Thank goodness. I love the fact that these are individually owned places or at least not humongous corporate playthings. And what a great variety. Super post, William.

  9. I love finding places like the Italian grocer. It's one of those places where you could find all sorts of interesting things to spice up your next meal.

  10. BeaverTails is the most that invite me to entry.

  11. Brunch until 2pm.. I like the sound of that! One thing's for sure William, you're not going to run out of venues to find something tasty to eat ☺

  12. are you trying to make me hungry ... i wanna know what kind of Pie ... Life of Pie does offer? blueberry, peach or maybe cherry? I love pie ... but would never turn down any kind of dessert just for fun. love the different architecture. ( :

  13. @Linda: thanks!

    @Marleen: as a regular customer, I highly recommend the place.

    @Gemma: Beavertails are so tasty!

    @Nancy: thanks!

    @Janey: they are a local institution.

    @Tom: a great many!

    @Revrunner: me too. I should have tried one!

    @Cloudia: there's a lot of choices here.

    @Lowell: I haven't been in a McD's in years.

    @Sharon: this grocery really does well.

    @MDP: it's popular with locals and tourists.

    @Grace: Life Of Pie makes good meals!

    @Beth: this whole theme day will make people hungry. Life Of Pie offers quite a variety of the dessert pies aside from the day's special, and also their dinner pies.

  14. Lots of choices that's for sure. I would have to try the Life of Pie because I love pie. Great post William.

  15. I like the look of Beavertails.

  16. They all look good William. I like the names!

  17. The Life of Pie looks like it would have interesting dishes!

  18. I'm glad I've had dinner because each one of these spots appeals.

  19. @Bill: they make good ones!

    @Jim: me too.

    @Lois: so do I.

    @Mike: it does.

    @Denise: I do too!

    @Kay: they're each very good.

  20. Life of Pie sounds like my kind of place. And I would love to try Beaver Tails!

  21. Very nice. "Life of Pie---yum---I like dinner pies.

  22. I would eat in Beavertail. I love the name, colour, small windows and bar stools outside! I'm sure food is delicious there!

  23. One wouldn't lack for sweets on that street.

  24. @Norma: they're great eating!

    @MB: shepherd's pie or tourtiere would do me fine.

    @Klara: it is, yes.

    @William: indeed!

    @Mari: definitely not.

  25. Wow, that is a good variety!

    All the best Jan

  26. So much to choose from (compared to the ONE felafel stand in my village).
    "Pasta to go" sounds like an oxymoron.
    They really do look like tails of beavers. :)

  27. Lots of choices, William ! Great post for the theme !

  28. I haven't been to any of these! I was hoping for a beavertail sometime...

  29. @Jan: definitely a lot!

    @Dina: that place has a good deal of offices in the area, so it's a good idea to have pasta dishes like tortellini that can be safely taken back to workplaces. The food's delicious regardless!

    @Karl: thank you!

    @Jennifer: sometime this summer, you should come on in and have one. I wonder if they send out a temporary hut to a festival in Perth or Carleton Place. Possible.

    @Orvokki: I do too.

    @Jackie: tasty!