Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Time Immemorial

The Canada History Hall was inaugurated in 2017 as a complete reworking of the permanent galleries at the Museum of History. Divided into three pods, it begins in the mists of time, with First Nations storytelling and archaeology. 

The first thing we're met with is a story of the creation of the world as in the tradition of the Anishinaabe peoples. The story is spoken in that language, with French and English subtitles.

A mystery of the deep past is addressed, what are called the Clovis People. Little is known of them save for some remaining tools and artifacts.

The area that follows examines First Nations peoples, pre-Contact, by area. We start with the Northern Plains, and will see more of this tomorrow.


  1. This sounds truly interesting and very well done.

  2. Beautiful autumn colours in your blog header. Interesting exhibits at the museum.

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    What an interesting exhibit. Take care, enjoy your day!

  4. ...life is more complex than many believe.

  5. We've learned so much, we white people. Finally.

  6. And here we just celebrated Indigenous People's Day yesterday, along with Columbus Day depending upon where you live, and which news stories you hear. Good timing. And Happy belated Thanksgiving Day in Canada!

  7. Pre contact history tells an interesting story.

  8. Thoughtful and beautiful exhibit, Good photos

  9. Fascinating! I love the way they chose to draw in the viewer.

  10. @Iris: it is a good way to open up the Canadian story.

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    @Eileen: it is indeed.

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    @Barbara: here there is a day in the summer marked for First Nations peoples.

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  11. It’s so interesting and really good the story is told “in the language “ with subtitles. Respectful of its Creators.

  12. Funny what shapes people see in stars. Sort of like that with clouds, too.

  13. How well done. It can only get better.

  14. Your First Nation people tell a story very much like our Indigenous people 💜

  15. You are so lucky that you have so many interesting museums in your area! Wow!

  16. Those light displays are really fabulous. What a remarkable way to explain.

  17. Marvelous exhibit ~ Light use is very impressive~

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  18. always amazed by stars ... just staring up and enjoying the view. i find myself doing that a lot ... often wonder if other folks do that away well? fun times. hope u r well. take care. ( ;

  19. @Sallie: it is fitting.

    @Bill: indeed.

    @Revrunner: that's true.

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    @Magiceye: indeed.

  20. @Grace: not surprising.

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