Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Top Of The War Museum

I proceeded on to the Canadian War Museum during this walk. I wanted to pick up an annual membership that gets me into both this museum and the Museum of History. And I thought I'd take some pictures while here. This is on the river side of the building. The Ottawa River is wide here, just upstream of the Chaudiere Falls, which was my next stop. The bridge in the distance is due for rehabilitation as a pedestrian crossing with a new name. At the moment it is still a former train crossing called the Prince of Wales Bridge.

A look back at the Museum. This place dates to 2005, and has the look of a bunker, which is appropriate given its material. It replaced the original location of the War Museum downtown, and tells the story of Canada's history in warfare, at home and abroad.

I headed back out and to the ramp leading up onto the roof. This passageway is open except in the winter, and appropriately feels like a trench, albeit a shallow one.

A view at the top towards Gatineau. 

Turning to the right from the above shot gives us this view. The Museum is aligned so that part of its architecture- Regeneration Hall- points towards Parliament Hill, seen in the distance here.

The roof also includes a stretch of grasses planted here. I was too late for the poppies, which can be seen in these grasses in June.

Along the edge, this gull was keeping an eye out. The museum's cafe has an outside area directly below here, so he was looking for opportunities.

He trotted past me when he concluded I wasn't in possession of any food.

Two views of the river. The Gatineau Hills are off in the distance.

I headed back, taking one more shot of the roof before I went.

A temporary exhibit presently going on into September. I plan on stopping in sometime in August.

And closing things out, a view of Regeneration Hall and the Lebreton Gallery from street level.


  1. The pics of the seagull are my favs - maybe not the right thing to say, but I´m honest. Cute guy.
    Interesting architecture again.

  2. Ottawa is filled with wonderful architecture, from the old to the new.

  3. @John: I need to come by here in fall for sunset views.

    @Francisco: thank you

    @Iris: he was a character.

    @Jan: it is a good spot for a lookout.

    @David: there is a good mix of architecture here.

  4. The War Museum is so perfect for what it houses and represents, wonderful detail shots William 💙

  5. make a powerful and dramatic statement.

  6. All lovely perspective photos.

  7. You got some good views from up there!

  8. This looks like a good place for grand views.

  9. Interesting!
    Gulls are always looking to steal food from other birds and people instead of finding their own!

  10. Beautiful view and sky from where you were. I can see the gulls.

  11. Yes, I agree with Nancy--a lovely sky.

  12. Awesome view and great photos ~

    Living in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  13. That first picture is a stunner. Love the grasses too.

  14. Love the river and beautiful sky!!

  15. That is a good idea to get a pass. We've a pass for the conservation places here. We took the girls for a walk and my legs are so sore!!!

  16. @Grace: thank you.

    @Tom: that it does.

    @Magiceye: indeed.

    @RedPat: it is a good spot.

    @Sharon: very much so.

    @Lea: gulls will be gulls.

    @Nancy: thank you.

  17. @Revrunner: it was a good day.

    @MB: that it is.

    @Carol: thanks.

    @Gemel: thank you.

    @happyone: thanks.

    @Joanne: that it was.

    @Jennifer: it pays for itself by the third visit to either museum. It made sense to do it. I went today to see the exhibit, which I enjoyed, though it may have been a mistake. I'm feeling trashed after my second vaccination.

  18. I like the building and I bet the field of poppies looks wonderful from the roof:)