Sunday, September 26, 2021

Continental Struggle

An unknown artist painted Portrait Of Louis-Joseph de Montcalm in the 1800s. Montcalm was the commanding French general at the pivotal Battle Of the Plains of Abraham at Quebec City, climax of the French and Indian War. Like his counterpart James Wolfe, Montcalm would die of wounds sustained at the battle, but Wolfe would be the victor.

The second gallery space here in the Canadian History Hall picks up the story in the wake of the war's conclusion. New France was no more, but Britain had multiple issues to deal with in having greatly expanded their territory. How to govern all those French speaking settlers. How to deal with the First Nations peoples. Pragmatism seemed to be the proper course to follow.

This display case and artwork caught my eye.

The American Revolution would have its own impact on the development of Canada, with a big influx of Loyalists from south of the border coming north to start over. Tensions would remain in place, leading eventually to the War of 1812.

Here we have a uniform and other items of that period.

The clothing here are all made by Huron-Wendet artisans. 

And to finish off today, this is a capot, a hooded overcoat that started being worn in the days of New France. This particular one dates to the mid 19th century.


  1. Great exhibit, the clothing is interesting.
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  2. Nicely done, William. The mere mention of Montcalm brings back memories of when I lived in Québec City and used to take everyone who visited for a ramble around the Plains of Abraham.

  3. Un retrato que ha pasado a la posteridad, sin que se conociera su autor y poder el reconocimiento de las personas que posteriormente van contemplando ese cuadro.

    Feliz domingo.

  4. ...struggles have always been a part of history and are today.

  5. @Italiafinlandia: you're welcome.

    @Eileen: thank you.

    @David: a must see place.

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    @Tom: all too true.

  6. Well, the last one(s) you could wear today...

  7. I always enjoy the clothing displays.

  8. I always like seeing the uniforms and the clothes!

  9. The clothing is interesting to see.

  10. I remember going to Quebec as a kid and my Dad dragging us to the Plains Of Abraham multiple times. It meant nothing to me at the time but it was important to him and he wanted us all to see it.

  11. Another great historical display ~

    Living in the moment,

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  12. I'm impressed when I see actual clothing of the times.

  13. @Gemel: indeed.

    @Iris: you could.

    @Marie: they're good.

    @Jeanie: many do.

    @Bill: I think so.

    @RedPat: I've been to Quebec City and have seen the Plains twice.

    @Carol: thank you.

    @Sharon: me too.

  14. Another bit of history for us! Well done.

  15. I like the painting of Louis-Joseph de Montcalm.

    All the best Jan

  16. Those older uniforms are often beautiful.

  17. A hooded overcoat, a perfect North America garment.