Friday, March 24, 2023

Fort Garrys On The March

With spring now upon us, it was time to switch out my header image for something fitting for the spring. This one was taken last May at Dow's Lake during the Tulip Festival. 

I showed you an enlarged version of this a couple of days ago. Major-General The Right Honourable J.E.B Seely CB, CMG, DSO is the title of this dramatic painting by Munnings, depicting a formidable Canadian commander on his horse, Warrior. The story in the accompanying panel concerning Seely's batman (personal servant) made me smile.

Here we have Watering On The March

This one is simply titled A Patrol.

The Fort Garry Horse was one of the cavalry regiments that made up the Canadian Cavalry Brigade. This is Fort Garrys On The March (I).

While this is Fort Garrys On The March (II).

The First World War would see the widespread end of horse mounted cavalry, which was already becoming outdated by the time of the American Civil War- though there were a handful of instances in World War Two. However, the fast hitting role of the cavalry would be resurrected and rejuvenated in the form of armoured cavalry- tanks and helicopter units.

Lord Strathcona's Horse On The March depicts members of another regiment of the Canadian Cavalry Brigade.


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  5. The header brightens this wintery morning, William.

  6. A battle on horses is difficult to imagine.

    1. Back in the day when cavalry was really the decisive element, this was the day before rifles got accurate, and a troop of cavalry could ride right into an opposing infantry force and rout ten times their number. In the 19th century when muskets were starting to become more accurate, the smart cavalry commanders learned how to adapt and changed tactics, often fighting dismounted, but having the horses close by if you needed to get out in a hurry.

  7. So many horses. He has preserved the images of this aspect of war so well.

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