Saturday, May 31, 2014

Canadian Liberators And Sanne Tulips

This bed of tulips at Dow's Lake are called sanne.

The way sun lights up tulips in these flowerbeds works wonders.

The red tulips in this bed are called Canadian Liberators. They're mixed in with some white tulips. The series of panels I showed you early on in this series are on the far side of the tulip bed.

I leave off with this bed of tulips further along in Commissioner's Park.

I have more tulips yet to come, but tomorrow is a City Daily Photo Theme Day, and I'm going in a different direction for that post.


  1. That first photo is wonderful, it goes for miles and miles!

  2. WWI Thank You for Canadian Liberators, no doubt!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  3. You must to know very nuch about the tulips, by this reason you have your tittle !


  4. Reminds me of the sage old advice of planting tulips and daffodils in en masse. They just bring such great beauty to a city.

  5. I love these beds. Thanks for sharing them. I'm just catching up on my gardening after our week out west. A trip to the city just wasn't in the cards!

  6. @Linda: there are a lot of them!

    @Cloudia: it was a fitting name for those tulips.

    @Tomas: thank you!

    @Revrunner: they certainly do.

    @Jennifer: well, it's a pleasure to present them now.

  7. those liberators are VIBRANT! love 'em!

  8. I'm glad you have your post for tomorrow. I'm still stuck on 'zest'. What to do?

  9. Wow, so many tulips! Did you take all of the pictures this year? I did not know Ottawa was such a flowery place!

  10. I have never so many different types of tulips...

  11. The Tulip beds are fantastic. An amazing flower. MB

  12. You have so many tulips. It's "Insanne"!

  13. @Tex: they're one of my favourite tulips.

    @Birdman: if nessecary, buy a lemon, and cut it up.

    @Sharon: so do I!

    @Linda: yes, they're all from this year. I tend to take quite a bit of shots each year.

    @VP: there's such a rich variety of tulips too.

    @MB: they really are.

    @Lowell: nice play on words!

  14. I'm interested to see what you've got up your sleeve for tomorrow. But I still look forward to more tulips!

  15. Tulips with a meaning, makes them even more beautiful. You really have shown these fields of tulips so beautifully William.. nice try with le pussy cat, but as you say.. a higher life form to we mere mortals :)

  16. I can't get enough of these lovely tulips!

  17. Simply wonderful !
    Have you ever tried to count how many there are?

  18. Amazing photos. So pretty to see. Thanks for sharing!

  19. I still haven't had enough of those gorgeous tulips. Lovely photo's!

  20. Takes my breath away just to see these photographs. I would be in awe to see it in person. I'm so glad you have shared the beauty!

  21. An amazing display William, your photos have shown how beautiful it must be. I would love to see that area for myself one day?

  22. I'm going to miss the tulips when this series is over!

  23. @Halcyon: still more to come!

    @Grace: they are the highest form of life!

    @Cheryl: thank you!

    @Karl: I'd lose count fast!

    @Lynette: you're welcome.

    @Marleen: thank you.

    @Judy: it's a pleasure!

    @Denise: it's always here in May, and it's well worth the trip.

    @Norma: so will I!

  24. This must be the best-ever year for tulips.
    Thanks for your comment today. We've been using our sliding deck door more often than usual because of the nest at the front door. She's pretty much taken over the porch. :-)

  25. I'm thinking I will have to go up to Ottawa one May to see these beauties in person!

  26. I'm sure you could have found some 'zesty' tulips! The ocean is quite overwhelming!

  27. I have written this some days ago, but I really thonk I've never seen so many tulips somewhere. Perhaps I should visit the Keukenhof sometime, and even then it's probably the question where the most tulips are ...

    1. I've looked it op meanhwile: at the Keukenhof are 7 million flowers, not only tulips but also crocusses, daffodils, hyacinths and many other flowers.

  28. The tulips up there are amazingly long-lived.

  29. that is beautiful! I love tulips!

  30. You have shown us such wonderful varieties! Love them all.

  31. Wow, you are lucky to have seen this.
    Thanks for sharing.
    A beautiful place on our planet.

  32. @Deb: thank you.

    @RedPat: if you ever come, let me know.

    @Luis: that they are.

    @Ciel: thank you!

    @Jan: we get a million tulips here, so Keukenhof outdoes us.

    @Jack: that they are.

    @Hilary: so do I.

    @Jose: so do I.

    @Gunn: you're welcome.