Friday, May 23, 2014

Tulips On Major's Hill

Downtown at Major's Hill Park, there are more tulip beds. This one gets a neat backdrop from the glass tower at the National Gallery.

Nearby, this bed of tulips gives us a view back to the first bed, at the right of the picture. At the top left you can see the edifices of Parliament Hill amid the trees.

I particularly like that blood red type of tulip.

A view of this bed from another angle also gives us much of the expanse of the National Gallery.

Yet another angle of the same bed shows Notre Dame Basilica in the background.

I leave off again with the next in the series of panels at Dow's Lake.


  1. Love the variety of colours!

  2. I can't image what the tulip budget for Ottawa must be. But it's worth it whatever it is.

  3. love the tulips - saw a few in a local park a fortnight ago - a week later they'd all gone.

  4. Now that I know how many bulbs there are, I can stop trying to count! Love the shot with the basilica in the background!

  5. Kudos to the groundskeepers, whoever they are!

  6. Great serie again, William, I like the way you are showing how the tuilps are embedded in the city in this post.

  7. You are right: the red one are wonderful!

  8. I don't think I have ever seen a dark red tulip like that before. It's gorgeous!

  9. Linda: thanks!

    Meradeth: so do I!

    Stuart: it is woth every penny.

    Gerald: they don't last long.

    Ciel: thanks!

    Revrunner: they do great work.

    Jan: thank you.

    Mo: quite so.

    VP: they don't plant too many of that type.

    Lois: it is one of my favourites.

  10. I'm finding it hard to fathom so many tulips. And better yet is their setting in such a beautiful parklike area surrounded by so many beautiful structures. Very impressive.

  11. Are the tulip beds completely bare the rest of the year,or are they planted with annuals?
    Jane x

  12. I just love seeing these! What must it smell like, surrounded by so many tulips?

  13. This is such an incredible sight and I'm so glad you are sharing it with us.

  14. this color combo reminded me of candy corn. :)

  15. Opium fields and the mayor's park? Oh-oh. Just kidding. I love, love tulips.

  16. @Lowell: Thanks!

    @Jane and Chris: they get switched over for flowers that last through the summer.

    @Norma: the bees love the scent of the tulips!

    @Sharon: it's a pleasure.

    @Luis: that they are.

    @Tex: strangely I can see that.

    @Eve: oh, boy! Fortunately not our mayor, but I wouldn't put it past that dolt in Toronto...

  17. I take back my comment from yesterday - the deep red tulip is now my favorite!

  18. Unbelievable number of tulips!

  19. Pretty, prettier...can't decide what's prettiest!

  20. I'd just be parroting everyone else, but, yes, a fantastic display.

  21. @Halcyon: it's such a pretty shade.

    @RedPat: it's beyond counting at this point.

    @Marleen: thank you very much!

    @Cheryl: they really are.

    @Kay: that seems to be a common problem!

    @Mari: thank you!

  22. I've been loving these tulip photos of yours William, gorgeous!

  23. The range of tulip colours is enchanting.

  24. Unexpected and beautiful. We've been to the Butchart Gardens near Victoria and the long gardens that line the river in Banff but few others in Canada. Our loss.

  25. Your daily collection of glorious tulips have been a joy. I have been doing a little catching up and it was fun to see your blog entries over the last few days all in one go. Terrific shots.

  26. I am really jealous. Going between Florida and Connecticut in mid-May assured that I didn't see any tulip displays this year.

  27. Thanks for the tulip tour, I've never been to Ottawa and I have already learned more than I previously knew, since I've been following your blog. Very nice photos also!

  28. @Denise: thank you!

    @Nowy: it doesn't last.

    @Gemma: I agree.

    @Bob: I have not been to Butchart Gardens.

    @Lauren: thank you.

    @EG: so do I.

    @Susie: definitely.

    @Jack: I get to see them each year.

    @Pat: you're welcome.