Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hardy Arcade

The Hardy Arcade is a building downtown between Sparks and Queen Streets. It dates back to the 1930s, and has been extensively remodeled in the decades since. These days offices, a gym, and a restaurant can be found in here. I like both entrances, starting here at Sparks Street.

The passage down to Queen goes down a ramp, reflecting the fact that you're coming away from Parliament Hill.

The photographer Yousuf Karsh had his studios here in the Arcade for some time before moving operations over to the Chateau Laurier. A display has been set aside in the corridor with several of his works, including a self portrait at the left. His brother Malak's legacy features prominently in our Tulip Festival.

The exit down here at Queen Street reflects the entrance one block north. I like the style of the building, from that ramp inside to the style of the signs at both entrances.


  1. What an interesting building. I love exploring anything like this.

  2. I like this architecture (and lettering)!

  3. You do have some beautiful old buildings in Ottawa! Fun that this one goes through from one street to the next.

  4. Love the ArtDeco details the outside of the building.

  5. 'Tis a gorgeous old building. I love these kinds of arcades. There was one in Paris we visited filled with wonderful shops.

  6. Denise: so do I!

    Weekend: it is big enough for the site.

    Ciel: thanks!

    Elaine: there are a couple of other such building here that do so, but not this directly.

    Halcyon: that draws me right in too.

    Lowell: I rather would like to see this one filled with shops.

  7. Beautiful and interesting building.

  8. It is a nice building. I like the old style lettering in the signs!

  9. I would certainly have a good look at the photo display. The building has a nice old style!

  10. You don't see these kinds of arcades very much any longer. That's too bad.

  11. I can only think of one arcade building in Toronto - near Yorkdale, but I'm sure there must be more.
    This is a gorgeous building you have highlighted.

  12. @Jane and Chris: this stretch of downtown tends to get eclectic. Modern buildings near century old buildings.

    @Luis: I agree!

    @Lois: it's such a distinctive font.

    @Tex: that it is.

    @Marleen: he had such a great style in his photography.

    @Sharon: it's good that this one is preserved.

    @RedPat: yes!

    @Jackie: this is the only one I can think of here.

  13. I am glad they kept it slightly old-fashioned!

  14. Gorgeous old building, tipically 1930's styling!

  15. I have a soft spot for arcades!

  16. I haven't seen an arcade in....I can't remember how long it's been!

  17. What a fun looking place. Love the font of the letterine!

  18. Very beautiful photos. It is a pleasure to know your blog.
    Best wishes from Brazil: Geraldo

  19. @VP: it has character... which can sometimes be lacking in these renovations.

    @Karl: thanks!

    @Cheryl: I wish we had more of them.

    @Linda: I think so too.

    @Norma: I've seen the odd one in other photoblogs.

    @Greensboro: I figured!

    @Geraldo: thanks!

  20. It is a fine art deco building. And, Karsh? A brush with greatness!

  21. Gorgeous! It seems very bright for a long corridor like the one you've shown. And how nice that Karsh's association is remembered. His portraits are spectacular and his life story is both sad and very interesting.

  22. wow, what a life it must have had!

  23. @Jack: the Karsh family have so much history here in Ottawa.

    @Kay: he and his brother Malak were the best of the best in their elements of photography.

    @Tanya: a lot of history in that building.

  24. What was the name of the restaurant at the Queen St. entrance in the 60's was it not Italian?

    1. I have no idea. I've looked around at a few places online, but nothing yet.