Saturday, May 10, 2014

The National Namesake

I stopped at the riverside landing before leaving the Ottawa River on the same day I took yesterday's pics. There were a pair of Canada Geese at the shoreline. I thought I'd caption these from their point of view...

"Do you suppose he has any bread, Gracie?"

"George, you're always thinking with your stomach."

"I guess not. He's just pointing that thing at us."

"He does look strange. Even for a human."

"Quite true. They're a most peculiar species."

"Listen, would it kill you to bring a bit of something down to the river?"

"Sourdough bread would be splendid."

"It's no use, George, he's not toting a lunch bag."

"I suppose not. Say goodnight, Gracie."

"Good night, Gracie."


  1. LOL William! Brilliant post! :)

  2. Great captions for these two characters. A fun post.

  3. Humans are such a disappointment! At least these two were having a friendly conversation. That's not always the case.

  4. I should imagine that you're not too far off with this conversation William.. never go down to the lake without bread!

  5. Sill you to leave home without munchies, William!

  6. We get lots of these guys down in Washington state! Honk!

  7. Linda: thanks!

    Gemma: thank you.

    Elaine: sometimes they can be quite confrontational.

    Grace: of course one never knows if they'll be there.

    EG: an oversight on my part.

    Bibi: they are everywhere.

  8. I'd take a peace offering next time,it never does to be on the bad side of goose.
    Jane x

  9. If you don't start bringing food with you, they're going to ban you from their riverbank.

    George and Gracie, huh?

  10. very cute! and i'm guessing, spot on. :)

  11. I love your commentary! I wonder if George and Gracie spent the winter here at Encanto Park. I might have seen them there.

  12. "I was so surprised at being born that I didn't speak for a year and a half." Gracie Allen

  13. They must not have read the reports that bread is not healthy for geese. Feed them corn!

  14. @Jane and Chris: it certainly does not!

    @Norma: it seemed the right name!

    @Tex: I often wonder about the chatter they've got going on, all kinds of birds.

    @Sharon: they certainly don't spend it here!

    @Birdman: good quote!

    @Linda: corn would be better!

  15. Definitely what they're saying!

    And we'd prefer you keep your geese up there. When they come down here, all they do is eat and poop!

  16. I hope you will be back there with some bread for them...

  17. Cool post! They usually visit DC during the Fall.

  18. Now that made me laugh and boy did I need it!

  19. Aw, I love these. I see them all the time at the park I go to. I just took pics of the new babies today.:)

  20. Love the narrative!!! Fun post William!!!

  21. @Cheryl: they run away from here first sign of frost!

    @VP: or something tasty, anyway!

    @Judy: thanks!

    @Luis: not a surprise, though they don't stay for long...

    @RedPat: thanks!

    @Marleen: thank you.

    @Ciel: I hope you're on the mend.

    @Krisztina: so I saw!

    @Chieftess: thanks!

  22. Too true! Great post. Thanks for today's smile.

  23. Wonderful post with a great combination of photos and text, William. I like this kind of humor.

  24. The geese around here have been talking loudly lately.

  25. Great shots! I've been chased by my fair of geese, but I do love watching them :)

  26. Cute post and photos ! The Geese here have been honking like crazy down on our river banks they nest there and it echoes through out the forest valley ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  27. Delightful! Goodnight, Cloudia

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  28. What a cute series of pictures! I love the commentary you added. We have quite a few of these geese here and they can be very pushy when it comes to food!

  29. [ Smiles ] Those geese are adorable!

  30. @Kay: you're welcome!

    @Jan: that's my style of humour!

    @Hamilton: they tend to be loud often.

    @Meradeth: I've never been chased, but I've been hissed at.

    @Country Gal: I'll often hear them when they're in flight.

    @Cloudia: thank you!

    @Denise: giving them those names seemed appropriate!

    @Lorelei: indeed!

    @Lois: they can!

    @Renard: thanks!