Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Tulips And The Rocket

There are other tulip beds here on the grounds of the Museum of Civilization. This set was on the west side of the curatorial wing.

While these tulips can be found on the east side.

And a couple of minutes away from that we have Jacques Cartier Park. Here at the entrance to the park, with tulips in the background, is a larger than life statue of the famous hockey player Maurice "Rocket" Richard, who played for Montreal. 

Tulips can be found here as well, and I'll show you more from the park tomorrow.

Back at Dow's Lake, we have this panel. Tomorrow I'll be showing you the final panel in the series, but rest assured there are yet more tulips to come. Assuming you're not getting sick to death of them by now.


  1. Ah, the wonderful Maurice Richard! This is great!

  2. Now there's a contrast... hockey and tulips.

  3. Lovely colours again, William. And I like the statue!

  4. I imagine these splashes of color are quite welcome after the winter you all have endured.

  5. Tulips everywhere, William! I like very much the 4th shot.
    Happy Sunday!

  6. I'm beginning to think Ottawa is just one big tulip park! It sure is beautiful!

  7. In Spain there is a saying: "a sweet not sour to anyone". The tulips always are
    very, very beautiful.


  8. Your angle makes it look like he's about to take off, which I suppose is fitting for a rocket! :-) Gorgeous red!

  9. Not likely that I'll ever get tired of seeing photos of tulips!

  10. Only one statue dedicated to hockey? can't be!

  11. My Dad and I watched him rip the ice on our old black and white set. Being Bruin fans, we cursed his prowess, but secretly wished he wore the the black and gold. GOAL!

  12. The red and white tulips made me want to sing the national anthem!
    Jane x

  13. the tulips with that building in the background really make for a nice photo!

  14. Linda: thank you!

    Stuart: quite a contrast!

    Marleen: thanks!

    Revrunner: they are.

    Karl: thank you!

    Lowell: we have a lot of them in so many places.

    Tomas: that is a good saying.

    Ciel: it is quite the statue.

    EG: I certainly hope not!

    Norma: I would say there are others!

    Birdman: he was one of the greatest.

    Jane and Chris: me too!

    Tex: thank you!

  15. I've taken many a class to this building. I haven't been in years, though!

  16. Never get sick of the tulips William.. you have to make the most of them they are so short lived oui!

  17. I wish tulips bloomed all year. I would never be sick of seeing them.

  18. A very dynamic sculpture and so many beautiful tulips,,,,

  19. @Whisk: thank you!

    @Jennifer: I'll usually go in four or five times a year.

    @Grace: it's a very short season.

    @Judy: I never would tire of it either.

    @Luis: thanks!

    @Sharon: thank you.

    @VP: there's no shortage of them!

  20. Love the tulips! We don't have so many of them in the South, I think, so we don't often see beds like these!

  21. The Canadiens could use Richard now - it is 1-0 for the Rangers as I type this!

  22. I did not think Ottawa had so many tulips! All you need now is windmills!

  23. You have found and posted many tulip treasures.

  24. I can't imagine tiring of tulips. And this series has convinced me that this is certainly the time of year to visit Ottawa if I ever head that way.

  25. @Cheryl: they need the right climate.

    @Mari: that they are.

    @RedPat: when I'm over to that side of the river I'll often stop by and say hello to the Rocket.

    @Linda: we've got a million bulbs each year.

    @Kate: there's a whole lot of them.

    @Eve: thank you!

    @Kay: thanks!