Monday, November 16, 2020


One day in early October I took a stroll and paused to photograph at Plaza Bridge. The Rideau Canal descends through the Ottawa Locks here between Parliament Hill and the Chateau Laurier to meet the Ottawa River.

Across the river, the Gatineau Hills loom beyond the city of Gatineau.

I tried the zoom feature on my phone, just as the colours in the Hills were being illuminated by sunlight.

Below at left is the Bytown Museum, once the Commissariat when the Canal was being built. This local history museum is one that's been closed up because of Covid.

I headed into Major's Hill Park. The foundations of a home still stand here. The home was the residence of Colonel John By and his family during the building of the Canal. A pillar stands beyond it. The spires of Notre Dame can be seen beyond.

Leaving the park and going into Lowertown, I paused to photograph these autumn colours beside the architecture of the area.

And crossing the street, I paused to photograph this angel, guarding the entrance to a series of courtyards leading south into the Byward Market.

Here we have more fall colours down the street.

And today I finish in Confederation Park, where stands the National Aboriginal Veterans Monument.


  1. Coloured spots are always welcome in a city centre... :)

  2. A beautiful walk and I love the architecture.

  3. ...after last night all of our color is on the ground.

  4. I have had many pleasant walks in these area, before the days of caution and masks, when you could freely step into a café on a whim, chat to people, sip coffee, eat pastries, without fear of passing on or acquiring a deadly disease. It all seems so very far off, doesn't it? A distant memory.

  5. Too bad it is so fleeting, but it is nice to be reminded.

  6. Hello,
    Gorgeous views of the canal and the colorful trees!
    Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy new week!

  7. Very nice color. I suspect those trees are all bare now.

  8. Your walks always have some interesting photos and the history to go along with them.

  9. A pleasant walk through the fantastic Autumn colours !

  10. A nice walk among autumn's beauty.

  11. @Italiafinlandia: that's true.

    @Stefan: thank you!

    @Iris: I do as well.

    @Jan: quite so!

    @Tom: ours is done too. A lot of wind last night.

    @David: that it does.

    @Anvilcloud: yes, it is.

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    @DJan: they are, yes.

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    @Karl: that it was.

    @Bill: thank you!

  12. Nice photos, the warm foliage colors this year are spectacular.

  13. I never tire of the changing leaves.

  14. Oo! Awesome trees on that embankment.

  15. Fascinating area and lovely photos ^_^

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  16. Beautiful views and autumn trees, William. Stay healthy!

  17. Beautiful images. Love those big white clouds in the blue sky.

  18. Lovely views with the fall trees.

  19. The second photo red color trees are beautiful.

  20. It sure looks like Ottawa takes care of its green space. It's beautiful.

  21. Super views from the Plaza bridge William 🍁

  22. @Maywyn: it is.

    @Marie: me neither.

    @Revrunner: that's true.

    @Carol: thank you!

    @Pat: thanks!

    @Happyone: I do too.

  23. @Michelle: thanks!

    @Jennifer: quite so.

    @Magiceye: thank you.

    @Parsnip: they are.

    @Jeanie: as much as can be done, yes.

    @Grace: I thought so too.