Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Close Combat

This UN transport was used during the Yugoslav mission by Canadians, and came under fire by Serb troops.

This plate contains the type of bullets used in the attack.

Years after Yugoslavia would come 9/11, leading into the longest military campaign in Canadian history: the war in Afghanistan.

Canadians fought Taliban fighters throughout this war on behalf of the international coalition, a brutal and different war.

This is the sniper rifle referenced above.

A video display is about bomb disposal work.

Here we have a standard Canadian uniform used in Afghanistan.

Seen here is a camp sign mounted above, as well as the wreckage of a military transport, hit by an IED. Display panels go into detail about what happened.

An unusual time to have taken a selfie, but under the circumstances...


  1. Not good times, I came across a grave of a soldier who was killed by an IED a while ago, very sad he was so young

  2. War is so sad, I hope our country always stays on the good guy side.

    Have a happy day and a great week ahead.

  3. In regard to Eileen's comment above, her country (USA) has always been on the good guy side? That may come as a great revelation to many historians, especially those who research events such as the ousting of the democratically elected Salvador Allende in Chile, or that most unwarranted (and ultimately humiliating) operation in Vietnam.

  4. Zo erg, de oorlog. Good to share these photos.

  5. One tends to forget about Afghanistan.

  6. A great history reminder. Well done!

  7. ...war is all about death, it really doesn't matter how it happens.

  8. So sad to be reminded again about these awful wars.

  9. That UN transport is an interesting looking vehicle.

  10. The bomb disposal crews were so brave!

  11. @Bill: it's a horrible way to die.

    @Eileen: time will tell.

    @David: a fair question.

    @Aritha: thank you.

    @Anvilcloud: and yet it's so close to us.

    @Ellie: thank you.

  12. @Tom: that's true.

    @DJan: quite true.

    @RedPat: indeed.

    @Sharon: it is.

    @Agnieszka: thanks.

    @Grace: definitely.

  13. The Afghanistan war was a very miserable conflict and it's still going on even if we aren't there anymore.

  14. Never understand war...but there seem to be abundance of military museums. Interesting items.

  15. Hopefully people will always remember these times when they visit a museum like this.

  16. Literally bringing the war home to Canadians.

  17. The war is still going on for us in America. I want the Soldiers home.

  18. @Red: all too true.

    @Janey: that's true.

    @Bill: I think it's a good way to bring the point home.

    @Revrunner: it really does.

    @Parsnip: it's been a long war.

  19. Such shiny bullets are a bit scary.

  20. Great 'war' displays ~

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  21. Weapons of destruction/self defence.

  22. The exhibits and your photos make war more real for those of us that haven't been there.

  23. @Gemel: they look so shiny, and yet do such damage.

    @Marie: it is a formidable skill.

    @Carol: thank you.

    @Magiceye: definitely.

    @Maywyn: that's the idea.