Sunday, December 6, 2020

Invasion, Efforts, And Catastrophe

 While most of the Canadian effort during World War Two went into the fight in Europe, some went into the fight against Japan, particularly navy and air assets. Defenses on the west coast were stepped up, and Canadians joined Americans in a joint operation in 1943 to assault an island in the Aleutians that had been taken by Japanese forces the year before. The Japanese had withdrawn days before the invasion.

The war at home changed a lot. Included in this area are propaganda posters.

Women moved into the work place in a big way to replace those men who had gone overseas as part of the war. They contributed immensely to the war effort, and their presence in the workforce would have a long term effect in peacetime.

This military transport truck is here.

Veterans of the First World War were called upon to serve in various capacities.

In 1942, Canadians were the spearhead of an attempted invasion of France at Dieppe. It ended in disaster, but the lessons learned would be critical ones two years later on D-Day.


  1. I really like those posters.
    Dieppe and D-day were not far from the location of the virtual holidays.

  2. Interesting exhibit, the women were hard workers!
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  3. Hard to keep women in the kitchen after they’ve experienced the workplace and having their own money.

  4. Great WWII display ~

    Live with love each moment,

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  5. It really changed the work world for women, to get out of the house.

  6. A look back at this time is still as sad as ever.

  7. Thanks for sharing this sad time in history, lest we forget.

  8. Strange now to think of a Japanese invasion taking place. Of course, considering all the Japanese cars traveling our roads, maybe that's not such a strange idea at all. :-) NB: I own and drive one of those. :-)

  9. Revrunner's comment made me laugh. I drive one too!

  10. @Jan: not a surprise, actually.

    @Agnieszka: thank you.

    @Eileen: thanks!

    @Tom: I do too.

    @Marie: that's true.

    @Carol: thanks!

  11. @Jennifer: it did.

    @Red: I agree.

    @DJan: you're welcome.

    @Revrunner: yes, it is strange.

    @Sharon: I think I prefer North American. Jeeps.

    @Bill: I do as well.

  12. Making bombs and buyng bonds - love it