Sunday, December 20, 2020


Today I bring this series from the Canadian War Museum to a close with more views inside Lebreton Gallery. 

Side by side are these two vehicles, with panels describing them in shots following. The Universal Carrier Mk II is at left and the Otter is at right. Both are of the Second World War.

These artillery pieces stand together.

Two last views of the Gallery.

The rampway leading up out of the Lebreton Gallery includes several large paintings of war art. This one is titled The Return To Mons, by Inglis Sheldon-Williams, painted in 1920. Mons in Belgium is where the First World War came to an end for the Canadians.

And that painting is appropriate for the final artifact I have to show you. The Mons Gun is one of two field artillery guns given to the city by Canadian soldiers in 1919. It was said these were the last Canadian guns to be fired in the Great War. On the centennial of the ending of the war, the citizens of Mons returned this one to Canada, and it now resides here, the first artifact one sees upon entering the formal area of the Museum, and the last seen upon leaving.


  1. Hello,

    The tanks are impressive, great exhibit.
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  2. Those are some big war machines - I guess all of them are big

  3. Were these tanks or any other car brands? LOL
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  4. I'm longing for some more peaceful images.
    We're having a enough with the war against Covid-19.

  5. ...I am waiting for war's finale.

  6. As the guns got more powerful, the defensive equipment was made stronger.

  7. Those tanks are quite impressive.

  8. One of the tanks would scare me driving right at me.

  9. @Agnieszka: thank you.

    @Eileen: thanks.

    @Susie: they are.

    @Ella: many were tanks.

    @Jan: peaceful tomorrow.

  10. @Tom: indeed.

    @Red: true.

    @Bill: they are.

    @Gemel: it has.

    @parsnip: they're big.

  11. That was one beautiful series of reminders of the things people do for power.

  12. A more or less modern cannon on ancient carriage wheels--so strange!

  13. Beautiful, historic, terrible objects, William!

  14. I love the header!!
    And I like the odds and ends!
    : )

  15. Enormous -- as are those canons. Wow.

  16. Quite war museum and great photos ~ ^_^

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