Saturday, December 19, 2020


Yesterday I switched out the blog header image for something more of a winter sensibility. This one was taken last winter from the Portage Bridge over the Ottawa River, looking downstream towards Parliament Hill. 

The majority of the tanks in the Lebreton Gallery line around the glass walls. At present, with Covid restrictions, one has to stay on this side of the line. Under normal operations one can have a look at them from other angles.

These are anti-aircraft guns used by Canadian and British navy forces from the Second World War on.

This is one of my favourite artifacts in the Museum. Kurt is a set of weather instruments, a station placed at the north end of Labrador by the German navy in 1943 and made to look like a Canadian station. It sent out weather reports for a brief time and went offline. Kurt remained unnoticed and undiscovered for decades until a German researcher going through naval records found notations about it. Now it resides here.

A pairing of tanks. Even silent, they resonate with power.

As I've mentioned, the big Voodoo fighter jet dominates the gallery. Below it are panels that go into detail about it.

And here are two more shots of it.

Turning around from where I was standing gives us this view. Tomorrow I bring this series to a close.


  1. Nice header of a river flowing downstream. It has not frozen yet. Looking forward to snowy photos.

  2. There's always plenty of money for wars as these hi-tech bits of kit testify. I like your new header; I've often been tempted to change mine seasonally, but it's been unchanged now for nearly ten years.

  3. I like your new header.
    It gives me some hope for winter weather in the Netherlands in the weeks ahead.

  4. @Nancy: it stays open, at least near the bridge. How far out depends on the year.

    @John: I like doing it that way.

    @Agnieszka: thank you.

    @Jan: we have the chill.

    @Marianne: thank you.

  5. Your new banner does indeed smack of winter! Two more days and it will arrive officially.

  6. I've not heard of Kurt!
    Great header!

  7. I like your new header. And thanks for introducing me to Kurt.

  8. I like your new header, william. And it makes me smile, seeing that maple leaf flag on the plane! You guys have the BEST flag in the world.

  9. ...well this is one kind of power.

  10. Don't forget about the airplanes. Harvards are my favorites.

  11. To imagine to sit in one and aim at persons... I could not.
    Great new banner!

  12. Your new header image is sooo wintery!

  13. "Voodoo", what a name for that jet.

  14. Those "kurts" remind me of the weather buoys I read about just this morning that are being distributed around the world right now by a private company in an effort to improve forecasts.

    1. Dear William, your headers are always spectacular. And I love your history posts. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Have a blessed Christmas and a safe and healthy New Year. Jo

  15. Beautiful new header, I like it!

  16. I think men are way more into these war machines than most women

  17. @David: winter rocks.

    @Magiceye: definitely.

    @Jennifer: Kurt is quite an artifact.

    @DJan: you're welcome.

    @Jeanie: of course I like it.

    @Tom: there are others.

  18. @RedPat: there's lots of space.

    @Red: I went back to the Aviation Museum specifically to make sure I'd photograph their Harvard.

    @Iris: it takes a different mindset, I think.

    @Italiafinlandia: that's the idea.

    @Sharon: a fitting name.

    @Revrunner: not a surprise.

  19. @Jo: thank you.

    @Bill: thanks.

    @Gemel: thank you.

    @Joanne: you're welcome.

    @Susie: that's to be expected.