Monday, December 21, 2020


I have some odds and ends today. I start with this view of the Rideau Canal at Plaza Bridge, taken on Remembrance Day, looking to where the locks descend down to the river.

The mural in the background is one that I showed you some months back, at the north end of the Glebe. A short time after it was completed, a concrete foundation was poured here in the foreground. Given the location, it seemed obvious that a sign for the neighbourhood would be installed here, and that was the case. At some point in the first half of November this colourful sign was placed. 

Further south in the Glebe is a small pharmacy. Among their products are compression socks, and there's an ad outside for the product with several photos, each with one word attached. The last being relax.

The cat doesn't look relaxed. The cat looks like it's thinking, "I have conquered you, lowly human! You are mine to do with as I see fit! If I want to lie on top of you for eighteen hours, I will!"

I was in Major's Hill Park one day in mid-November and looked across to the American embassy. The election had confirmed a return to sanity south of the border (though not in the mind of the incumbent) and the Stars and Stripes seemed to be flying with more purpose.

A short while later I was passing by the National Arts Centre and the statue of Oscar Peterson caught my attention. Done in 2010 and unveiled by the Queen, the statue is by the sculptor Ruth Abernethy, and finds the jazz great looking like he's taking in applause from his audience. Music by Oscar plays on speakers hidden above. The bench is big enough for photo ops. 

In my view, he's one of the greatest jazz musicians in the genre, and the best musician Canada has ever produced.

Oscar and some disreputable Canadian. In the background is the British High Commission and one of the buildings comprising The Chambers.

The York Steps descend from Major's Hill Park down into the Byward Market. They often are turned into a work of art. This year it is called Birds Of A Feather.

One morning earlier in the month I was out to photograph the dawn from the Flora Bridge, a pedestrian bridge that crosses the Rideau Canal and links the Glebe with Old Ottawa East. This home on the east side caught my eye.

I mentioned The Chambers above. These three buildings face the War Memorial downtown. The three buildings are collectively called that, with Central Chambers at left, the Bell Block in the middle, and the Scottish Ontario Chambers at right.

Last year during the theme days for CDP, which were dominated by colour themes, I showed several utility boxes downtown that have a fashion sort of motif to them. This is one that I hadn't shown before.

Here we have a view of the Peacekeeping Monument downtown on a cold December day.

And I finish off with this, taken in Little Italy. Piazza Dante is a terrace park in the neighbourhood, across from St. Anthony Catholic Church. I passed by on a snowy evening, brushed off the snow on the top of the bust of the Italian poet Dante Alighieri, and took this shot.


  1. Hello William, it's nice you showed these photos to us. I like the steps and the statue of Oscar and the lady picture.
    Your header is beautiful, there I can see a little snow.
    Keep care.

  2. A nice selection of photos. Great to see Oscar; I might well fish out some of his music this evening as it's been too long since I listened to the great man.

  3. In your earlier post, the statue of Oscar Peterson was covered in snow ...
    How beautiful the photos were!

  4. A nice assortment, only some of which I have seen.

  5. A wonderful selection of photos, I love the steps:)

  6. @orvokki: thank you.

    @John: he was the best.

    @Agnieszka: thank you.

    @Ella: thanks.

    @Anvilcloud: thank you.

    @Rosie: me too.

  7. My daughter will be waiting for the Canal to freeze so that she can go skating there, and I have a friend who lived in The Glebe his whole life until moving here, so your post today is quite topical for me.

  8. I agree that kitty doesn’t look like it is relaxing...We are happy about the election south of your border too.

  9. Nice mixture. I agree that Oscar Peterson was one of the all time greats.

  10. I love what you are writing about the cat :)

  11. ...many of these views I've seen, thanks for the memories.

  12. That was a nice tour around town!

  13. Nice variation of photos today. A look at the locks is always nice and I like those colourful stairs.

  14. There's always something to see.

  15. Nice assortment of photos, I love your take on the cat and you're probably right. :)

  16. I love the cat, I love the Glebe sign. That home has a lovely look to it!

  17. @David: I do like doing odds and ends posts.

    @Janey: it was the best possible result.

    @DJan: that he was.

    @Aritha: I love writing from the perspective of a cat.

    @Tom: you're welcome.

  18. @RedPat: thank you!

    @Jan: I do love photographing those locks.

    @Red: that there is.

    @Bill: cats rule!

    @Jennifer: it does.

    @Marleen: it is.

  19. Wonderful variety post and neat photos ~ Oscar Petersen indeed was a great jazz pianist ~

    Happy Holidays,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  20. The steps are rather unique what a great idea.

  21. Yep, Inauguration Day can't come soon enough.

  22. I'm sure my daughter's cat thinks that about us too. Have a good Christmas and stay safe.

    1. Cats are the ultimate form of life on the planet, after all.

  23. This all is lovely, and the steps incredible. As may be the cat.

  24. You nailed that cat perfectly! Exactly what it is thinking! Oscar Peterson is one of my favorites -- I was listening to his holiday CD in the car today!