Saturday, January 16, 2021


Picking up where we left off yesterday, panels here go into detail about the process of earthquakes and the differences in magnitude. 

Emerging from the Earth Gallery, I paused to photograph up past Gaia.

And then a look out into the Queens Lantern and the Moon.


  1. I am always struck by the amount of earthquake preparation on Vancouver Island. They are still waiting for "The Big One".

  2. Hello,
    We have had a small earthquakes in Maryland. Once when I worked in the city, it felt like the building was swaying. Another time my china was rattling, I was not sure what it was. I thought a large farm tractor was rolling down my street. You never know when one is coming here. I think they are more prepared in the western states. Have a great weekend.

  3. I can't imagine how terrifying a big earthquake would be, I wouldn't be happy living on a fault line.

  4. Earthquakes are very destructive but unavoidable. I live right on a fault line and worry about the big one.

  5. I've experienced an earthquake when I lived in Illinois (of all places) and it is a very strange experience. There was very little damage but it felt like the house was going to fall down. We did have a tremor here in AZ a couple of years ago but it was very minor. Just a bit of rattling.

  6. We lived in a mining community. When the mine closed and was flooded, rock bursts were like earthquakes, waking everyone at night. I wouldn’t want to live where earthquakes were common.

  7. Seeing two or three small rocks rolling down a mountain side gives you a very quick idea of the power of moving rock.

  8.'s nice to live in an area where earthquakes aren't a common occurrence.

  9. I can remember 2 of the very small quakes we have had here in Toronto. Both times I thought it was a truck idling outside that was making things vibrate a bit.

  10. 5.5 was substantial enough for me!

  11. Timely, considering the earthquake that just struck in Indonesia.

  12. Earthquakes are scary. We had one in Portland, Oregon in the early 90s and then another in Fairbanks in the late 90s. They didn't last long but it felt like a long time. No damage in either place but lots of shaking.

  13. @David: for good reason.

    @Eileen: there have been quakes here.

    @Grace: ours is a minor fault.

    @DJan: the big one is a serious reason to worry.

    @Sharon: the one here a few years back was an interesting experience.

    @Marie: it is something one has to learn to live with.

    @Red: that is true.

    @Karl: part of the planet, though.

    @Tom: that is true.

    @RedPat: I remember it feeling like a train was roaring past.

    @Cloudia: ours was somewhere up there, enough to do a bit of damage.

    @Revrunner: I'll have to check the news.

    @Bill: the Alaska one of the 60s was a monster.

  14. I was in a earthquake once. It sounded like a freight train using our building for a tunnel.

    1. Ours had that experience- like a train rushing by.

  15. Great info about earthquakes ~

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