Sunday, January 10, 2021

Volcanic Forces

The Earth Gallery has a multitude of display cases of rocks, minerals, and gems. Here is one of them. 

But first, volcanic forces, and the different kinds of volcanoes, are examined.

Different volcanoes generate different forces and effects during eruptions or active volcanoes, like lava or pyroclastic flows. Some examples are on display here as well.

Here we have the first of the volcano types, lava domes. We'll pick up here tomorrow.


  1. I would have loved to see this when I was a child. I wanted to be a geologist.

  2. Growing up in Tucson as a child we all were interested in rocks, mountains, and the earth. I wanted to be a geologist when I was younger. So much to see and do as a child. Exploring ! The kids of today glued to the video games, just don't know what they are missing.
    The first photo was my favorite !

  3. Kileauea is active again. Caldera filling. A floating island of hardened lava. That's Hawaii Island for you!

  4. Hello,

    The Earth Gallery is a neat exhibit. I have seen the lava domes in Hawaii, Costa Rica and in Iceland.
    Take care enjoy your day! Have a great new week!

  5. @Linda: it is quite informative.

    @parsnip: thank you.

    @Cloudia: the forces of nature.

    @Eileen: I have not seen volcanoes. Though the whole of Yellowstone is one.

    @David: that it is.

  6. Cool stuff "we" find here! Thank you for sharing again.

  7. How very interesting. Our world is so amazing.

  8. amazing force of nature!

  9. No volcanoes near here, thank goodness!

  10. the study of rocks tells us some amazing stories about the earth.

  11. I always enjoy the galleries of rocks and minerals!

  12. Seeing those sample of minerals and metals is always fascinating.

  13. Walking in nature gives us each an opportunity to learn about rocks and minerals...but I always can count on a museum to actually define what I've seen...and more likely what I haven't seen. This person hasn't ever seen a volcano...besides that of Yellowstone, as you mentioned.

  14. oh I find this subject fascinating. There are volcanoes all over NZ some extinct some dormant.

  15. One of the most amazing places I've ever visited was Mount Saint Helens after it erupted.

  16. I stopped to post the same remark; Mt. St. Helens after it erupted left ash everywhere.

  17. Ah amazing nature. The only active volcano I have visited is the Mount Vesuvius near Naples in Italy.

  18. Quite the volcanic display ~

    Moment by moment....

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  19. Amazing pictures. I thought that first one was teeth before looking more closely. :-)

  20. I read an article by someone who had watched the Hawaiian volcano firming land. He said it was seeing the earth being born!

  21. @Jan: that it is.

    @Iris: you're welcome.

    @Jeanie: I agree.

    @Tom: that it is.

    @Jennifer: me too.

    @Shammickite: all in the west.

  22. @Red: that it does.

    @Marie: me too.

    @Sharon: I think so.

    @Barbara: I have only seen Yellowstone. If that ever goes off full scale, it could be extinction level.

    @Amy: I remember a documentary on New Zealand volcanoes.

    @RedPat: that it is.

  23. @Bill: indeed.

    @Revrunner: I'd love to see that volcano.

    @Joanne: St. Helens made a big impression.

    @Magiceye: another one I'd like to see.

    @Carol: thank you.

    @DJan: I can see that.

    @Sallie: an apt description.